Adobe CS6 "Creative Cloud"

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    rusty_ace:"I really don't understand the need to own a version of software...what does it gain you to own a physical copy, of outdated code, stored on a disk, that is just collecting dust and wasting space."

    that tool continues to work even after the new version comes out. I've got an old copy of PS7 at home that I find I rarely need/want features from CS5.5. I've got an even older copy of PS5.5 that I could probably get by with. and Illustrator 7 - it flies on modern hardware.

    $600/yr is pretty nice for Adobe, but for me, I'd rather invest that capital once and have the option of running with the tool I know and trust, and only upgrading when features warrant it.

    Case in point - I'm pretty disappointed with my recent upgrade form CS3 -> CS5.5. I've gone back to using CS3 since 5.5 seems unstable.

    • I dumped my CS3 software with my recent upgrade to Cs5.5 (which cost me 1k) and wish I had not.Josev

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