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    What's dangerous with Apple cult and the way fans react is that they don't question the Apple's business behavior and anti-competitive behavior . In the past 2-3 years it has been numerous examples of Apple's unethical and immoral behavior that tops the WORST in the industry, yet the consumers give them a pass and justify it as overblown, because they react the same way a cult member would. They don't question anything about their leader and simply will find the justification for any unethical, greedy, anti-competitive, anti-consumer behavior and see it as totally acceptable because it's their cult leader doing it.

    It is always fascinating and sad to me at the same time that I haven't found many other Apple users who can be critical of Apple in any way, shape or form. I use their products daily and I have A LOT of criticism and hate towards their business model. I'm not talking about polish or design of their products here which I like overall, it's the ideology and unethical and immoral approach to conducting their business. What's even more disturbing is that the same users who are being locked in and used by Apple continuously brag about how Apple makes a lot of money without understanding that Apple is able to do that BECAUSE of their anti-consumer stand and is nothing to be happy about.

    I am yet to find a fan of their products who will be open and admit and criticize bad things they do. And that's one of the clearest indications that it's really a cult-like behavior.

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