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    Only last week did I have an issue with device removal...

    I had a mini power-cut, and once everything had booted up, i got an error saying my back up time machine was 'read only'! at first I thought it was fried, no more back ups etc.

    In the end I had to erase the whole disk and do a fresh back-up. So all in all, not too bad, but a little worrying none the less!

    From now on, I'm making sure eject any devices before I unplug.

    • so it had lost the files?fxone
    • I could go through timemachine and 'see' files, just couldn't access them. so yeah, pretty much lostNot_Just_Another
    • so I thought I either had to buy another drive and start again, or do a hard erase and start from fresh...Not_Just_Another
    • it was probably just a safety measure. bet you could have made it read/write againPIZZA

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