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  • d_rek0

    I always wondered this myself...

    Switching from a PC to a Mac i found myself ruthlessly unplugging some of my USB devices without ejecting...

    On a PC you never had to worry about 'ejecting' anything.. you simply unplug and that's that.

    On a Mac I can't say that i've ever had data-loss/corruption issues but it definitely throws OSX for a loop when you don't eject a device. I've had finder and other apps suffer through pin-wheel of death a few times because of this.

    • Not true. The PC gives warnings if you just unplug and wants you to use DeviceRemoval.monospaced
    • At least this POS Dell XP doesmonospaced
    • Really? I was mostly familiar with XP... Can't say i've used vista/win7 a whole lot so I can't speak for them.d_rek
    • Not making it up. XP flips out when I unplug a thumb drive, worse than OS X, actuallymonospaced
    • Yeah you need to click that messy green+grey icon thing in the systray, no idea what its meant to bePIZZA
    • because of the shitty icon designPIZZA

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