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    I am a web designer, and now an art director at a university. The above points are valid - bureaucracies, dilution of concept, often ancient and conservative administrators who feel they have to have their in a project etc, but you can press through that.
    Design competitions seem to be more forgiving for universities as well, which can help you get noticed as a designer/developer, and give you more autonomy.
    Opportunities for free education (we can take 15 hours/year free), travel (my wife and I were sent to a conference in Paris, France to speak, which resulted in a publication), great vacations/holidays, and asked to teach upper-level design courses to art students. All great benefits of being in a university setting.
    ... and yes boobs, you would be correct. They are everywhere.

    Budget and advancement are certainly issues on the other side of the coin. While a good designer/developer has little risk of being let go, advancement in these times is difficult. There are no merit-based raises, so good work, or bad work, you're paid the same, which can be depressing (at least the case here). I was promoted early in my career and spent the last few years feeling stuck, but trying not to let it sour my work.

    I am moving in the opposite direction. Seeing the advancement obstacle more than ever, I am looking to go back to an agency. Now that I have a few years of work/teaching/art direction under my belt, I think I have the necessary experience to serve me well out there in the world. At least, I'm going to go give it my best.

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