Global Warming

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  • bliznutty0

    Look at these man-made lakes everyone.. aren't they pretty?

    • pretty! i wonder what it looked like in 1800, or 1700? i imagine it filled the screen eh? so is that global warming...sigg
    • from all the horse drawn carriages? or the earths natural cycle that happens over and over again...sigg
    • over millions upon millions of years. only in the past 100 or so have we actually documented these changes.sigg
    • ice age anyone? did man made global warming end that or was it the earths natural cycle? hmm.sigg
    • i agree 100% that we need to recycle, reuse and reduce more but global warming... nope.sigg
    • you are not a scientist.DrBombay
    • neither are you, yet your opinion is somehow more valid then? fuck you asshole.sigg
    • you are truly an asshole rick. go fuck yourself you non scientist prick.sigg
    • sigg fails at life. such anger and insecurity.spifflink

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