Global Warming

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    Im on boat with change is going to happen, cooler or hotter. If it gets hot it will then likely cool, or vice versa. But i am on the fence about how drastic human involvement will be too global temperature change. Its a pretty big world with many events effecting everything, human and non human, then likely also some cosmic factors of flares, gamma radiation bursts, changing rotations, axis, electromagnetic fields.....and i find it hard to believe the hype that if we continue our path we will alter temperature enough to ruin us. I just don't see us as being that significant, and we can't continue using fossil fuels at current rates with growth curves since their just isnt enough. And since our population growth is still rising even if their was a temperature change through human faults and tons died, then i'd call that balancing things out. But still just seems like some modern day doomsday profiteering. Perhaps religion has lost its fizzle.

    • You are not a scientist.DrBombay
    • I love how you're so sure its also these other factors more so than the man-made CO2.Mimio
    • gamma radiation bursts are interesting scientists have theories that a neutron star collision fried our ozone and caused a mass extinctiondeathboy
    • possibly cause one of the recorded mass extinction. electromagnetic field protects us, and if that weakens radiation increasesdeathboy
    • we get pummeled with more cosmic radiation shit.deathboy

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