Global Warming

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    I mean cmon, even the oil company execs now admit it...

    The chairman and chief executive of ConocoPhillips (COP), the nation's third-largest oil company, acknowledged this month that fossil fuels—his company's core product—are permanently warming the Earth. "The science has become quite compelling," Mulva said in an interview with "We've been studying this for quite a number of years. That is happening."

    Exxon Mobil Chairman Rex Tillerson told a world energy conference today that "there is no question that the world's climate is getting warmer," and said that technological advances and a global strategy will be needed to combat the rise in carbon emissions.

    Are they in on the conspiracy as well?

    • well its hard to deny anything a human does has absolutely 0 consequencedeathboy
    • sure burning fossil fuels is largely bad, but is that miniscule in relativity to large spans of time and other events?deathboy
    • events.deathboy
    • sure reuse recycle be efficient and all that. Or buy into the greenwash move and turn it into a buck spinning the same stuff.deathboy
    • Its quite profitable and the gov is on board for tax breaks & grants. but beware of the competition amongst your peersdeathboy
    • peersdeathboy
    • you slam that template over green energy but not fossil fuels, interesting bias.DrBombay

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