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    I work with this guy that is a stereotypical republican. He brags about the lack of decent fuel mileage his SUV gets. He actually likes pollution. He brags about not sorting his trash, recycling is stupid and a waste of time, etc.

    Pretty much anything you can imagine this guy has said.

    • Not saying all republicans are like that but this guy is a fucking dick.DrBombay
    • but in fact with all of your statements here you ARE saying that all republicans think like that. therefore,sigg
    • you lump everyone who doesn't share your viewpoints into that category. because you are simpleminded.sigg
    • Your reading skill are way off. READ THE FIRST LINE. he isn't talking about all republicans.akrokdesign
    • I just said I didn't think that, tree stump head. Stop trying to start arguments.DrBombay
    • from this experience maybe next time just say he's a dick rather than a republican.airey
    • his views are what make him a dick.DrBombay

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