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  • GeorgesII-1

    @ TBO
    I'm a cynical fuck now,
    I wonder on what fuckn planet you're living. You have really learned the art of trolling a discussion, you rarely bring your own point of view but only repeats what you think (hope) is acceptable. I always say what I think and when I'm wrong I accept it, I don't need to spin a subject by calling crazies or other pejorative names. I know this is the internet, but I will never be able to have a serious discussion with you, because apparently everyone that disagree with you is either a loon or a cynical fuck.
    Did you even know that the warmest year was in 98, but we can't have a discussion of facts with you, we need to shout and yell. I don't function like that, I've argued with people whom were by far of higher intelligence and I've gained so much from it, but from you I'll gain only insults, because I point facts and don't follow blindly like you do. Does my individuality makes you angry?

    please refrain yourself in the future to attach names to people, its childish and kinda tiring. Look at what ukit posted, while you're insulting people here, the chinese got your economy by the balls (thanks to warren and his globalist clique) and are actually thinking about a green future. All this while you ride in your F-150.

    • George, you must admit you really are against a lot and not really for much...DrBombay
    • like what? mr bombay, give me examplesGeorgesII
    • I don't have any offhand, it is just the impression I get.DrBombay
    • you can't really build a house with only air.
      thanks for beeing honest though
    • I will point it out to you in the future when I sense it.DrBombay
    • yeah do that.
      i'm sick of internetzers implying shit because they're hidden on the other side of the world, i'm honest on my views at least
    • Yes. I drive a F-150, sure.TheBlueOne
    • You're the one that stuck me in the "American Box" a year ago, not me.TheBlueOne
    • Typical cynical eurotrash.TheBlueOne

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