Global Warming

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    @ low-impact

    How are 3rd world country supposed to devellop their technology & infrastructure if they can make use of fossil and coal sources of energy. If they start taxing carbon emissions, those countries will never be able to afford the cost of productions.
    I can already here the green zealots say "STOP INCREASING OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT"
    you can't really run a mill on solar energy nor wind,
    and please I'm all for the gree cause, I was part of greepeace, but one day you just wake up and just realize its all bs.

    • Great, so what's your suggestion then?TheBlueOne
    • Or are you all ready to just lay down in your grave and die because mankind is doomed.TheBlueOne
    • You seem to take that position everywhere.TheBlueOne
    • I despise you more than the rightwing trolls because your a cynical fuck.TheBlueOne
    • did I touch a cord. I don't despise you TBO, I met people like you everywhere I went, you're do full of yourselfGeorgesII
    • anyways you posted four notes but didn't even commented constructively, you will never understand shit in life untill you CALM THE FUCK UPGeorgesII
    • I'm full of myself? You're the most arrogant ass I know on this site.TheBlueOne
    • I meet people lik eyou everywhere too. Cynical and full of smart comments but no answers.TheBlueOne
    • It is like the anarchist dude bliznutty around here. He is against everything and for nothing.DrBombay

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