Doing drugs with your wife

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  • mikotondria30

    Man, I used to hammer pills and hash, and weed and speed and acid all weekend long for many years (while still working in an office, and staying afloat, and generally contributing to society, creating and selling music, running clubnight, etc).
    I was the skinny little guy down at the front by the speakers shrieking and whooping everybody up, then frantically running round the club with pen and paper horrifically organising some kind of 'hilarious' 'life as art' form of craziness, and life to me WAS a ride to be ridden like a stunt-bike, tricks and leaps.., drugs included - not for their own addictive sake, but as a sweetener, or an eye-opener, a means for more skewed fun..
    Now I'm married, and my love for my wife is more than the above, I have no curiosity to have crazy drug benders with her, I feel more complete and settled than I did.. we have a kid, our lives basically revolve around meeting our kid's needs and creating a loving and happy place for her, and doing drugs just doesn't fit that timetable - there can't be any 2 day come-downs, as we're always needed - we can't be out of action for 12 or 24 hours as old skool craziness requires...I miss it, but I know if I went on a bender I'd feel terrible - what if something happened - what if our kid really needed us and we were fucked up ? Horrific just to think about it. I barely even drink anymore, and never get falling down drunk - Im a man. People need me.

    • good onehallelujah
    • All of this seems sensible to me.

      How are you, by the way?
    • very sensible. choose life.

      have you got yourself a fucking big television set yet?
    • :)janne76
    • This is the only sensible thing I've read in this thread so far.gramme

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