Mac on PC Dongle

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  • alexand0

    But you'd still a have shitty (and feeling) keyboard/mouse/cpu

    I'd splurge a little more and get something I wanted.

    • CPU? What? Keyboard? Granted! (I have a mac kb on my PC here) Mouse? What?Nairn
    • Computers are tools - mine sits under a desk, so I couldn't give a hoot what it looks like. Inside, they're all the same.Nairn
    • You insulted his faith Nairn, how dare you?rafalski
    • And please, don't turn this into another ignorant fanboy thread - I'm trying to bridge the [largely virtual] divide here.Nairn
    • Same CPU dip shit, thanks for playing. But OSX will run faster on an actual mac.ornj
    • I'm flagellating myself right now, Rafalski...Nairn
    • think before you type alex. buy a new mouse and keyboard and yeah as Nairn said....guts are guts.amongthemasses
    • For sure, ornj - but such a device is great for people like me who sometimes need mac access but are 'happy' with WinNairn

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