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    Dear Aquent,

    Maybe I was a bit harsh with my last posting. I meant it in jest. I know you want a new website and all, and I'm not about to do any real work for you ever, but since I'm an insomniac and jetlagged at my grandma's house I thought I'd toss you a bone with a littl ebit of a site audit.

    1) Like a real estate agent finds people homes, you are finding people livelihoods. Take a look at some of the better real estate sites out there. They have pictures of homes. You should have pictures too! Like say... pictures of places people work at through you guys!

    2) People looking for talent might come to your site from time to time. Your services section is comparatively tiny and on the bottom right of the site... right next to "industry experts videos" leading me to think... what the hell do these people do? (and in a bad way)

    3) No one's reading your blog right now except disgruntled designers and maybe some pals. Collapse that into the navigation. Having that list there means you have to keep updating it with innane rambling to look like you are doing stuff.

    4) Throw your talent some props. Feature them on the home page. Champion them. Maybe each person in your database can design a "skin" for the home page, and featured designers will have their designs take over the home page (or as much of it as you like). This creates incentive for people to properly fill out their profile (and please stop asking me how often I use software in the profile).

    5) If you want to "crowdsource" properly, cross-reference and link that database of designer profiles into a community. I don't mean give each designer a blog and an itunes playlist. Make the functionality around careers. Places for feedback. Other designers might like to work with each other, and agencies like hiring teams. Track how easy it is for designers to get to a job. Its a potential for tons of data that you can mine for later use. I don't need to tell you that.

    6) Axe the dot com orange. It's cliche. If your brand manager insists on keeping it then fire him. He's cliche.

    7) "Rate this page" Get rid of this, no one cares.

    8) Maybe make.. I dunno... 2 sites? One for hiring agencies, and one for the talent? Why muddy up the communication by mashing it all together like you have it now

    9) Training? I though you were staffing talent. You mean they still need training through AGI? Put this somewhere else.

    10) Greet me. I get to the site and I feel like I'm in a lobby. I should feel like I'm having my hand shook by someone who knows me.

    There, I'll stop at 10. There's probably a lot more but I'm gonna play some tetris.

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