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    don't feed the beast.

    Piperboytoy: you came up with a not-so cut thing mail at first. To him, your next mails seems like an unsecure thing.

    that's ok. let's think from those.

    Now, you've come with some pretty clear mails in which you openly show your dislike to this guy. He's bound to mail you and nag you a bit coz nobody likes that.

    What can you? Presently, there's nothing you can do.

    It's a mess. So the best thing you can do right now is (and accordingly to your dislikeness) to stop replying any mails from him.

    the shit is done. Unless you want to repent and pay that sucka a dinner you should be as good as dead. Zip. No Replies. If he nags you at work just slip it at let him know yo dont' work there anymore.

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