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    I'm going through the same shit right now, it's supposed to last another week or so, yeah he's already on the couch, but in the morning he's on my comp, asks if he can use it while i'm working and always wants to hang out because he's bored. i think i'll tell him tonight that it's his last night. it's driving me crazy. i wish i'd had the chance to do this in an email like you, but no, i got him at the door so fuck all i'm too nice.

    as far as you piperboy,

    the email should go like this:

    Hey dick,

    Maybe you don't know how to read or are just too insensitive to others needs to realize that you are unwelcome and are making me uncomfortable, but either way i have ignored numerous emails sent from you and the ones that i have responded too have plainly stated that I do not wish to entertain you or be burdened with your company. Understand this statement fully. I do not want you here at all for any reason. You are welcome in branff as I can not keep you outside the city limits, however you are not welcome at my home or my place of employment. If I see you at either of these places, know that you are extrememly unwelcome and that I will also notify the authorities on grounds of stalking and harrassment. Again I do not wish to be your friend, slowly you are becoming my enemy. Do not contact me further, as I have informed you of what recourse I plan on taking.

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