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    This was his last email, after I told him I have no time and basically said that I really don't want to see you or to catch up:

    Hello Edvin,

    Yes I understand how busy you can be, especially after coming back from holidays but we are OK with going out for a late dinner with you. This will allow you to complete your projects and still spend some time to show us around the city. We do not mind eating very late on occasion so that we can spend some time with you since you must work late. Please let me know which day works best for you.

    We may also stop by your office to say 'hello' early in the week and you can show us where you work and what you do. Karen has mentioned to me that you work with web design and she made your new occupation sound so interesting. Since my friend from HK finds this field very interesting we would love to see your offices and your work. We can drop by anytime that is convenient for you.

    Our trip is in 1 week's time. We look forward to meeting with you and catching up.



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