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Unmade Beds

Watched the movie Unmade Beds over the weekend and it was a bloody good film. Great story and a fantastic London Sound Track. Differently worth a look.



Dell Service Manuals

Anyone know where to get a Dell Monitor Service Manuals.


I Just Didn't See It Officer!



jQuery Cycle Plugin?

So I have been playing around with the jQuery Cycle pager and the set-up seem pretty straight forward. But I am completely lost about customising the navigation buttons. The jQuery Cycle pager produces the navigation on the fly so they don't even show up in dreamweaver design view, and there is no information on the website as to how to customise the navigation. Does anyone here have some tips as to what the code is doing and how to control the navigation?



Does the refund 1p still work to release funds, Paypal are up to there old tricks again and put my funds on hold for no apparent reason, The account has been open for 10 year FFS.


F1 2010

So the new season kicks off this week. We have the new German Mercedes F1 team with Michael in it, then we have the all English team of Mclaren, we then have Fernando Alonso at Ferrari and he want to kick everyone ass this year, no refuelling which can only be a good thing in my eyes, do the racing on track and not in the bloody pits. Should be a good year for racing?


Workstation Solutions plc

Anyone know what happened to Workstation Solutions plc, there website is online but no one is there? Have they gone under, Jesus they have been around for years?


Iphone Simulator ?

Does anyone here know of a iphone simulator, I know of the SDK kit you can download from apple but that only runs on Intel Macs and I'm still on a G5 for the time being. A client of mine is driving me mental about Iphone compatibility, and yes I have no Iphone.


Vancouver 2010 Website

Who the hell design that pile of crap, is it really the best they could do?


DIV Full height

I'm a bit stuck here.

Hoe do you get a DIV to auto stretch the full height of the it's container DIV, but the container DIV cannot have height specified.


20 Years of Adobe Photoshop

Good look back on Photoshop over it history, has it really been 20 years, DAM!

I got a good look at photoshop in 91 at college, but didn't really start using it until 96. It was the first programme I really got my head around and found it just so intuitive to use.…


Text Bold

I seem to have a strange problem with my fonts being to bold in all my Web Browser on my mac.
I think it's a OS problem but I cannot figure out how fix the problem. I have tried turning all fonts off with just the system fonts running but that has not fixed the problem, anyone here got any helpful suggestions?


Beagle Dogs

Anyone here owned a Beagle Dog before, I have too look after the new family dog for 2 weeks, she is only 9 weeks olds, any tip for surviving puppy power, it already has a thing for shoes, it killed one of my mum nice go out shoes which really pissed her off. hahahaha

1: Must hide shoes


Just Not There

Anyone had one of them days where you have sat at your computer and everything you try and design in Photoshop just turns into shit, I wasted 6 hours Friday trying to design a website concept and I just could not produce a fucking design which worked, it got to the point where I just gave up. I then had to work over the weekend to catch up. arrrrrrrrrr


The Road

I watched this movie over the weekend and all I can say it was bloody depressing and uninspiring. film?


Form Structure

I'm about the build my first front end form and was wondering what tags to Structure your forms with, Tables, or Div? Are there any problems I might encounter using div to structure forms?


From Structure

I'm about the build my first front end form and was wondering what tags to Structure your forms with, Tables, or Div? Are there any problems I might encounter using div to structure forms?


Take That?

Go0d times? :)


Stormtrooper For Everyone?

So the man who made the Stormtrooper body armer has been given the Rights to mass produce the armer in a court hearing. But get this, he did not design or hold the copy rights to the designs or the product, WTF is that all about.


Arrrrr Big Toe

SO I damaged my big toe about 3 weeks ago working on my car and messed up the toe nail, I thought the toe was getting better, if an odd colour. I have just hit my foot against the door and my Big toe nail has come off completely, it's so fucked up, the nail is now hinged like a car bonnet by some skin, arrrrrr, I am going to have to rip it completely off, wish me luck, fuck.


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