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book recommendations

book recommendations if you will my friends. Decided to do a bit of an amazon splurge, I'm looking for things that might help me get my head back into a proper design space, and also teach me about user experience or coding.

Particularly anything that might set a spark off toward getting my design mojo back though if anyone has been inspired recently



what's this font please?

I've tried the wtf and identifont but its not giving me any results, it gets close but maybe a designers eye might get closer, any thoughts?



Font management for PC

any recommendations? budget's maxed and Suitcase looks out of reach unfortunately...


PC laptop comparison


I am buying a new laptop in the next few weeks, one which I hope to work on pretty extensively in the near future and was hoping maybe some folks here would be able to advise me on a good way to go with this

was thinking possibly a sony?…

or a dell studio 17" I found refurbed

or maybe a dell XPS 16 but that's a bit out of my price range

any ideas? I'm thiking a budget of around 500 give or take a bit and will NOT be buying a mac. To clarify: I like macs, but they are too expensive and I need reasonable screen space.

once again, *I will not be buying a mac*

anyone help me out? any experience of these machines or ideas of different ones I could go with?

cheers muchly for any help



I fuckin' love em. The kick of the recoil, the smell of cordite, the knowledge of power in your hands. Discuss.


freelancers in Glasgow

hey, anyone know any good freelancers in glasgow who might be available for a potential couple of weeks work?



apparently you have a rule in your principality, where the radio has to play 30% local content (CanCon its called or something). The Scottish Government is considering implementing the same rule; are you aware of it? how do you feel about it? do you thin kits a significant factor in the explosion of canadian talent in the last few years?

thanks canucks


apple app refund policy outrageous…


so if I sell an app in your store for a pound, you get 30p? that's cool no bother, but if the customer then decides 89 days later that they're bored of the app I have to give them the full pound and you keep the 30p???

that is fucking robbery




recording/rehearsal studio branding/design?

hey folks,

anyone know of any good looking well branded recording studios and rehearsal spaces? anything which deviates from the horror that appears to be the norm in this sector?

cheers :)


evil little cunt

kid's got spunk


convert to flash video online?

hello chaps,

Have a client who we might be building a video player for, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good reliable service online to convert vid files to flv?

There might not be anything like this and I have to look at software, but the biudget wont be there for that so it'll probably be a sticking point in something I really want to do.

Any pointers or help at all would be massively appreciated from anyone who's done this before...


(ps. I was joking in the QBN Member Spotting thread in case you all now think I'm a total cock and don't want to help me ;)


The Riddle of the Mayans (and other assorted oddities which may or may not be to some degree design related)

take it away naz, I for one will check it from time to time.



printing on newsprint, A1 /A0

morning :)

anyone have any experience or info about doing this? any links to average costs, how to set up a doc to print on it, any horror or success stories?

thank you fine chaps


beige or grey?

it occurs to me that beige is the archetypal colour for "boring", and yet we as designers love grey, which is basically a desaturated beige.

So illuminate me as to why *removing* the colour from something makes it *more* boring, when surely beige is really an *augmented* and "jazzed up" version of grey?

Perplexed of Interweb


html text editors for pc


what's the best free one of these I can download? code hints and all that gubbins appreciated. HTML kit still doing the business, or has it been superseded by some newfangled marvel I know nothing about?

first person to say Dreamweaver gets a shotgun to the knackers


athiest bus backlash…

ok, so the "no god" bus has to qualify the copy on the ad written to counter the many hellfire and brimstone bus ads with a "probably", and still people protest and try to get off work due to it.

But if you're part of one of the myriad religious groups who use the buses to advertise you need do no such thing in "retaliation"?

what the fuck is up with the double standards around this issue?


Johnny Rotten - sales ambassador…

hahaha, I do believe I called it when all on here were slagging it off.

How many of you bought it?


Are hats clothing?

the level of reasoned debate has plummeted and I'd like to initiate a discussion on a truly fundamental question facing every citizen of our world.

Are hats clothing? As clothes cover our bodies, whereas the hat could conceivably be a mere accessory, is the hat the thumb to the trousers index finger?


london, friday afternoon

hello folks, got a few hours to kill in our nation's capital on friday afternoon - what's cool to do?


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