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MS New Outlook and Sunrise acquisitions

So what's everyone think about this? Personally, I think it is a brilliant move. If a company can dominate by software, then hardware becomes less relevant. Given the that almost every phone is pretty amazing these days, that seems like the next logical step.

I'd prefer a Windows phone (I have a cheap one, $30, and is butter compared to my 4S and probably on par with my S5), but consider it is always a button to get to what you want, might not mind it if I only need a button or two (I only use about 5 apps, including mail).

Is this the future? Is MS, for once, not only ahead in thinking but implementation?


Reminder Software/Apps

Any suggestions for software (preferably) or apps that do a good job of reminding you to do certain tasks at certain times?

I am trying to setup my days to do x amount of this, and y amount of that.


Business Email

After a decade of using MT's email, I've been advised to move my company's email to a 'business' email. Their suggestion was Google Apps or Outlook 365.

Anyone have experience with those (on a business level)? Pros/cons?



Phone Cameras

Just about time to trade that old 4s in for something new.

They all seem, more or less the same. The only thing I see, that I care about, is the camera.

Anyone know of a phone that shoots high frame rate besides the iPhone? I'd be quite happy to move beyond Apple, if there was an alternative.


Online Printing

Looking for economical printing for large/jumbo postcards (or something simple, won't be mailed).

Anyone try Vista recently? I've always shied away, but they are cheap.

Others I am looking at: (their Luxe cards I had made were 'ok', not as impressive as I had hoped) and Modern Postcard (decent experience 8 years ago).

Any others? These will not be mailed out. Quality is most important.


Amazon TV

Anyone have one? Thoughts?



Looking for some quality mockups for logos, business cards, web, etc.

Free would be nice, but quality is more important.

(Google is showing me a billion, I see that, but one good link would save a headache or two :-) )


Surface Pro 3…

I think I am just about ready....Photoshop touch version shown....sounds good to me.


Standing Desk

There were some links to standing/moving desks a while back, but I can't seem to find them (surprise, given QBN's wonderful search feature!).

Anyone has some of the links?


Ad/Commercial Photographers

Who are some of your favorites?

Looking for polished, well-edited, advertising/commercial photographers (lifestyle, automotive, etc.).

I am familiar with Joel Grimes, Dave Hill, Erik Almas...looking for any examples/sites that I may have missed.

Images like this:


Gmail photo colors

Is this a known problem with gmail - photographs do not display correctly (colors are off). Both the preview image and when you enlarge look horrible.

Same email in Yahoo or Outlook look fine (preview sucks in Yahoo too, colors are off/desaturated, but look fine when you enlarge).

Notes: same image sent from Gmail looks fine in Yahoo and Outlook, so Gmail isn't changing anything, just making things look bad.

Viewing in Chrome.

(I've noticed Dropbox does the same to the images and had to stop using it for my photography...back to emails via Yahoo)


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