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Ad/Commercial Photographers

Who are some of your favorites?

Looking for polished, well-edited, advertising/commercial photographers (lifestyle, automotive, etc.).

I am familiar with Joel Grimes, Dave Hill, Erik Almas...looking for any examples/sites that I may have missed.

Images like this:


Gmail photo colors

Is this a known problem with gmail - photographs do not display correctly (colors are off). Both the preview image and when you enlarge look horrible.

Same email in Yahoo or Outlook look fine (preview sucks in Yahoo too, colors are off/desaturated, but look fine when you enlarge).

Notes: same image sent from Gmail looks fine in Yahoo and Outlook, so Gmail isn't changing anything, just making things look bad.

Viewing in Chrome.

(I've noticed Dropbox does the same to the images and had to stop using it for my photography...back to emails via Yahoo)


Monitor Stands

Looking for a clean, simple, attractive (at least not ugly) monitor stand for my Dell 30".

Any suggestions?


Time Keeping

Anyone have a good, simple software (for PC) for keeping track of time?

I need to keep track of others time and give them something simple to use to report/track.

Toggl ( seems pretty good, anything else?


Note takingon iPad

Looking for a good, simple app for note taking.

Ideally, something I could type and use a stylus to draw any little diagrams

Any suggestions?


Yahoo Mail Down

Is anyone else having problems with Yahoo's mail? I can't login to any of my accounts (goes right back to homepage, no errors, etc.)


PDF Editing

Looking for a simple (ideally free) program to edit PDF's that have security/password.

I just need to add notes/comments and would prefer not to have to go back to clients.

Funny that I can use GoodReader on my iPad, but can't use Acrobat. Annoying, really.



Photo Viewer

What is everyone using for quick previews of images? I liked the simple Windows Photo Viewer, but on my new computer everything is soooo dark (doesn't matter the color profile, etc., and looks fine in Lr, Ps, Quicktime, etc.).

I just want something super fast to preview the jpgs, I am fine with Lr and Ps for organizing and editing.



Project timekeeping software

Looking for some very basic software to keep track of time per projects.

Something really simple...I used Plock ages ago, but it ended up not compatible with Windows 7 (can't seem to find it now).

Any suggestions? PC compatible please


Helvetica Neue Alternatives

Looking for alternatives for Helvetica Neue Thin/Ultra thin. Found a billion, but most don't have the ultra thin option.

Ideally something that I can buy just the thin versions or somewhat reasonably priced


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