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so fucked up…



Is this a font? its beautiful!


mobile interacting with desktop?

What are some sites that you use your smartphone to control and interact with the page on a desktop?

Remember seeing and playing around with a bunch but they escape me at the moment.


FMT 112814

Something for everyone...


Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow…


Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper


Fugazi - First Demo…


Syrian Electronic Army

I was trying to read the Chicago Tribune on my phone and I get kept a pop up and then it would show this image…


Black Friday Deals (Making Beats)

Thread to post music-making related Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals ....

Teenage Engineering 15%+ Off Everything…

Native Instruments - 50% OFF Thanksgiving Deals (5 Days Only)…


Looking for a Javascript / jQuery dev

Hi, sorry for the random broadcast but I'm looking for a good Javascript / jQuery developer to help me on a site I'm working on, this is a paid (small) job for which a day or 2 should suffice although I often need help. Ideally London-based. Message me if you're interested.


cool offices/studios

anyone know any good resources for studio interiors ideas and inspiration? weve just cleared out the admin team and want to make the place more funky



Stop Google robots

Is there a way to make the info in your website not searchable, or able to be found by Google's robots?

Sorta like the opposite of SEO?


RIP Phillip Hughes

Shocking news with the passing of Australian Test cricketer Phillip Hughes. The poor bloke was hit in the neck when batting in a Sheffield Shield match 2 days ago causing a catastrophic bleed in his brain.

He was just a great young guy and for most Australians, this is a complete and total shock. I still can't believe it...have been in tears at various stages today.

He was living so many young kids dreams here...getting to play cricket every day with his mates. Just so tragic and unfair.…



it's a busy time of year. how do you keep motivated? How do you keep staff having fun while being productive? Candies? Beers? Hookers? Coke?


looking for a poster designer

My documentary film got accepted to a major film fest so i'm looking for a kick ass designer/illustrator to design the film's poster. In the past when reaching out to people i got responses from a very talented group of people that work with photos, this time i would like to do something more hand-made. Almost like Polish poster school (thus i'm not just looking for a design but maybe an illustrator as well).

Anyway, here is the film trailer:

email me at:

if interested.


work - some help

Hi everyone,
I'm here to try some freelance work, im brazilian motion/designer and I have time to work hard.

Look my works:

Don't need answer this post just send me e-mail.



Michael Cina (of the day)

https:// width="425" height="355">

I like his typeface and branding work. Not sure on the fine art skills...


2 Facebook account

Anyone in here have 2 Facebook account?

You know, one where all your friends and people you know or know not so much are AND all your family like mom, dad, aunts and cousins.

I was thinking about opening a 2nd FB account where I would have, you know, people from QBN and stuff.

The real point is, having all your family in your Facebook friend list can be annoying from time to time. Same thing for some co-workers and other ''friends'' you can't really unfriend because it would be awkward.

And since Facebook settings and contact lists are really a pain to manage and understand. I tought, why not create a new FB account ?

Whats you toughts?


Cringeworthy Words

Mangled Penis


QBN chat

happening now ->


DAW on SSD in 2014?

Looking to do a fresh Win8 install on my laptop.

At the moment I have a 256GB SSD in the laptop with external libraries on an external drive.
I'd like to not use an external drive as it's a pain as has to 'dangle' from laptop when laptop is on lap!

I use AbletonLive, Komplete 9 & Maschine, some samples/audio in sets and a handful of VST instruments within a song.

If I just install a large high spec SSD (512GB/1TB) would that be OK to run everything at once?
Or do I really need an external drive to take the load off the SSD?
(I would probably buy a large Flash Drive plugged in USB slot so it sits plugged into computer and not dangling)

There's a lot of conflicting information out there - the OLD school mechanical hard drive info that is on forums from the early 2000's says extra drives needed because mechanical drives can only do one thing at a time.

I've read statements from people saying that a single SSD works fine for them and a local store has said it would be OK too. Ableton themselves state ideally you should have seperate drives.

My laptop is a dual core 2.4 with 8gb ram.

Anyone offer up any advice?

Are you running from just a single SSD? Would love to hear how you get on.

Hopefully this thread will help other people in the future searching for more up to date answers.



That shit is for kids...
Dis this mongoloïd face got out of his house one day ?


mathiesons font

what be it?


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