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What happens to old designers?

I'm young now... but what about when im 45 - 55?
Do agencies still hire old designers? All I see is young people.

What will happen to us?!?!


< this doesn't do what it used to

it just doesn't.


Wordpress Video Plugin

Anyone seen a nice video gallery plugin out there?
Preferable one that scrolls thumbs under it, and plays most current.


flexible office spaces

Was looking at NeueHouse in NY, and love the concept.

Is there anything similar in London?


Font license?

Do you have to buy a license for every client?

Say you used one font for the identity of one client, then you want to use it for a publishing project for another client. Do people actually license fonts?


Social Media Wall Inspiration

Any well designed "Social Media Wall"that you have found interesting and or inspiring? Anything like: websites, video walls, etc... that display streaming slideshows, videos, Instagram photos, Twitter feeds, etc... that have a sophisticated (UI) user interface?

Example providers of this service:

Visual example:…


A Better CMS

If you we're to build your own CMS, how would you want to be able to edit the content?


Pharrell Williams


Great product filtering?

Does anyone have some examples of really nice /cool product filtering on a web site? Something that's highly interactive and feels very modern.

The Nike Customize site is a good example:…

Not necessarily a product filter, but anything you can think of with this level of interactivity for choosing or customizing products?



Macbook Pro

To buy or not to buy? that is the question.

Have existing 2010 one running well but...

Do I buy a new one now or is there another version launching soon I should wait for?


Custom Font Cost

I've been developing some non-Latin typefaces but not commercially releasing them in any way. But recently somebody (a big brand) wanted me to design and produce a working font - the work would take at least 5-6 weeks to produce. The foreign language is something only a few people can do well, especially in the very unique style they want.

I quoted them less than £20k (exclusive use), but they came back saying they had done font commissions before and only paid $3-5k (similar style in other languages).

I was quite surprised at how low they expected me to quote.

I don't know much about other font designers charge, I am sure it varies, but do you think they're pulling a fast one by suggesting $3-5k!?

I know many factors go into it, but my gut tells me its way too low.


jammed finger

So I stubbed/bent my pinky playing sports. It was pretty swollen, and still is a week in.. It's only a little sore and I can use it still but it won't close all the way. Like, I can't make a fist with it. Anyone else ever jam their finger this way?


Marketing Help

Yo homies, could you do me a huge solid and upvote this post on Reddit?…



New Up Worthy?

The new logo for Upworthy

good, but weird web usage...

if all else fails center it?

what kills more brain cells, pinching high grade or drinking too manys PBRs?


checkout flows

best you've experienced? (mobile/desktop)

it's so hard bc you have to buy everything to see!




Strange Tradition

I hear in Mexico they send their lover a locket of pubic hair.

Any other weird traditions out there?


Watch Dogs


Suggest a "web contemporary font"

For a logo.


uncensored unfiltered web

I was looking for an author of a book that is rare and prob filtered online. google came up most filtered on this guys name. even compared to the chinese search engine on this author of what is considered controversial material. this came up best
compared to early 2006, what is available as info is almost nil. I know I shoulda bought it then.

anyone have experience of the web completely unfiltered?


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