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Web Inspiration Sites

I'm looking for some new web inspiration sites. I have been following the ones listed below but I'm looking for something that has startups and online businesses more than personal/one page app sites. Any help would be appreciated.


It costs $4,309.00 every time you provide design feedback

Design well managed.


compositing photoshop

any useful resources on how to do match colors (exposure, lights, shadows, tones,...) from different pictures into 1 composition?

what photoshop tools should I be looking at?


Wordpress banner ad manager?

Any recommendations please?


website tracking

Want to monitor the traffic going to a website. Best thing to use? Free and easy!


The Moneyless Man


Becoming a minimalist?

Is anyone a minimalist? How is it? After spending time working on products and brands and accumulating crap, I feel like I am burnt out on owning things.

I used to want to work among things to get inspired:

But now I feel like a clean environment is better:

Is this me growing up? What works for you?


browser testing service?

Is there any good free service that let you test how a site looks on mobile and tablet? Like Adobe Browserlab used to let you do.


Stop Illuminati

It seems the only way to create world peace - How should we unite in a positive way towards this?


Spain to Italy and Back

So as some of you heard i was thinking about to going from Barcelona to Venice.

Is Ryanair a good option or will i end up paying more and not a seat guaranteed?

how is Vueling? any better?


New Hershey Logo…


macbook pro cd drive won't eject

there's a cd in the drive which refuses to mount. or eject, using the reboot/mouse down trick, or the eject key.

there's no pinhole for the manual eject (thanks apple)

i've tried the /System/Library/CoreServices/Men... Extras "" fix - no joy
and the cunts at the so-called genius bar have no appointments at all. none. at any london store. fucking apple.

any of you guys know any tricks?


under colour removal UCR

Anyone got any experience with this... Printing some big images on lightweight paper. Is there a magic button in Photoshop that gets rid of any excess colour?


xbox - One or 360?

My son is wanting an xbox for his birthday. He said to me he's happy to get a 360 but I'm just wondering if that is OK or not? I don't follow gaming at all so I have no idea whether 360 is ancient outdated technology or not...

Any assistance greatly appreciated!


Sleep like the dead…

He scares me a little, but damn if he's not thorough:
https:// width="425" height="355">


Popeye Velasquez freed…

23 years in jail.
300 murders.
Sicario boss of Pablo Escobar.
Hide yo kids.


Online Music Collab

Anyone making music by collaborating online?

How are you sharing files?

I've used Dropbox in the past, just wondering if there's anything better?


Monitor Glare

Just moved into a new office space. Tons of lovely natural light, but now the glare on the monitors is killing everyone. Short of moving or installing shades, has anyone had the same issue and if so, how did you deal with it?


Dropbox = GDrive

Dropbox just announced that the 9.99$/month plan with 100Gb of storage will now have 1Tb of storage.

That means Dropbox equals Google Drive who is offering the same plan; 9.99$ for 1Tb

They also announced many new features, info over there:…

I know there's often question about those services on QBN. So now you're up to date.

I was on Dropbox before but I switched to GDrive when they announced the 1Tb for 9.99$ plan a few months ago. I think I will go back to Dropbox, i always liked DB better.


Video in PDF issue - Help!

I'm making a full screen PDF presentation with MP4 video in it and having a couple of issues with the PDF afterwards. When you get to the page with the video on the keyboard left/right arrow navigation stops working. You can progress with the mouse as long as the video is not full screen i.e. as long as you have some area to right/left click on which is not the video area. Also (and this is the biggie) there is a stitching type line left on the following page in the place of where the video was on the previous page.

So far everything has been compiled in InDesign and exported from there. We're viewing on acrobat 9 and above. The video files are linked fine to the PDF and are H.264.

Has anyone had this issue when putting video in a PDF?


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