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Illustrator generative/geometric plugins?

Anyone know of any plugins / actions etc. for Illustrator that allow you to generate geometric patterns / generative code style stuff.
I know its all doable with the standard Illy features but is there anything out there to make it easier.
Preferably with random functions etc.
I have played with Processing but this is for print artwork so would prefer to do it all in within Illustrator.



I am going to Berlin with girlfriend in Feb.
I have been before but girlfriend hasn't.
Any recommendations on hotels, nightlife, shopping, museums etc. would be great. We won't be doing any of the great clubs as she's pregnant! but will go out as much as possible.
I loved it last time but was a while ago and have forgotten district names.
Is Mitte a good base to stay?
Loved a lot of the smaller galleries last time.
Whats good currently?



Considering signing up, anyone used this much?


Digital Downloads

Does anyone know of a jQuery and/or Wordpress plugin that enables a page with a list of digital files. These can be ticked, then prior to downloading the users details are taken in a simple form and on submit the ticked files are downloaded (or link is sent to files zipped).
I know this is probably a custom job - just trying to save time on it if there is something like this already built?


QBN sidebar?

Not loading? anyone else getting this on chrome / mac? rest of pages loads apart from right sidebar - click on any other linkand it appears just before loading new page. Its like the hosting is poor - whole site does seem slower? Anyone else?


Dreamweaver CC

Save your time with the attacks on DW, I have to use it today.
I am in DWCC and its way more sluggish than any other version I have used.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I am on iMac OSX10.8.5
Will upgrading to Mavericks help? Been putting that off because of CC issues.
I cannot work like this - everything takes an age.


Camera advice?

I am going to treat myself to a camera for Christmas.
I will be mainly shooting video (would like 1080 60fps feature if poss.) but photos also.
I am looking at Gopro Hero 3+ but it has a fixed focus I think? No autofocus? May be wrong.
Would I better getting a compact DSLR?
if so what would yo recommend?
I only want to spend about £400.
Gopro quality was v.impressive but as I want to take the odd photo as well I am not sure whether it is the best option.


Archives on websites

I am about to design the front end for a large archive on a site - all types of media, images, vids etc.
I am thinking of using isotope masonry with filters.
Just wondering if anyone has any nice and/or unusual examples of archives on websites.
Thanks in advance.


swf file to eps or pdf?

I have some static artwork in Flash CC that I need to export as an EPS or PDF or any vector file Illustrator will open.
It looks like they have removed this functionality.
Any other ways of doing it?
Can I easily convert SWF to EPS outside of Flash?
Help please... not sure why they removed this.


Do you want to infect your computer with a virus? If not, go back!

Chrome users - are you getting this message on The Art of the Day thread?


Interview sites

Can anyone recommend any other nice interview sites like these?

Any that interview creatives and/or behind the scenes on projects.



Web usage stats

Is there a one stop site for web usage stats - putting together a site that will need various stats on it - like % mobile web usage, PPC conversion rates etc, search stats etc.
Just need a reliable source for various web usage stuff.


Open source VJ (kind of) software

Anyone know of open source software for mac that would allow live mixing of various videos with the ability to record the mix to a file? Basically VJ'ing kind of thing. Need it for a video project where some of the edit will be done on the fly.
Can anything like this be done in AE?


Official Strictly Come Dancing Thread

Good season so far. what do you guys n' gals think?


Techie joined up fonts?

Bizarre request I know. Need a nice typeface that suggests technology and letterforms mostly join up, any ideas?


Wordpress - running multiple sites off one database?

My client doesn't want to pay for 8 databases for 8 websites I am building for him in Wordpress.
All sites are on the same server with aliases. The first one I have built is using the mySQL available.
How feasible would it be to run 8 sites off one database using separate tables?
Are there big performance issues?
Can I import data just into one table easily via phpMyadmin?
Excuse the ignorance - never done this before apart from my own site when I tested some Wordpress stuff using my database.


Best Wordpress one pager?

Any recommendations?
Have to knock up a quick low budget job so going to reskin a theme.
I found this one which is nice:…
any other gooduns you know of


Apple Ads

Really not sure about these. They look amateurish. The typography looks weak. Photography looks like stock.
Really doubt Job's would have signed off these.
What do you think?


Fashion brands - examples of presspack

Anybody know of or have any examples of press pack PDFs for fashion brands.
Random request I know.


free CR2 converter?

For some reason CS5 will not open Canon 450 RAW files. Anyone know of a decent free converter for Mac please?


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