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Best digital camera for kids?

Waterproof, easy to use, touch etc.
Any ideas?
Found this one but not sure what its like:…


Gif thread / Chrome / Yosemite

Anyone else having issues with viewing the gif thread in the above?
Machine crawls, becomes unresponsive and have to leave my fave place on this site.
Most annoying - only started happening last couple of days.


live stream radio station

Any recommendations for live streaming a radio show to a website?
May also need a studio webcam as well.
New client and I have no experience of this at all.
Anyone ever done anything similar?


what does everyone think?


Rant of the Day

I will start with this excellent one from Deathboy:
"i hate the apple fanboys that act like 13 yr girls at a bieber show. like uh this is my favorite ooooh noooo this is my favorite this is the really bestiest best in the whole world. lalalala i can't hear u it's the best you're a hater, and your sooo jelly.
apple. meh whatever. theyre good at using every logical fallacy and psych maneuver to manipulate people who would rather not have the responsibility of shopping around, or learning about specs, OS, thinking in general and turning them into consumer whores in a closed system. I'd say that lazy 13 yr old self obsessed hysterical girl mentality is there greatest success.
My only grief is I think Apple is bad for people. Nothing positive about it. Turns people into uniform consumer whores. Killed the webs creativity with killin flash. And really the deceptive advertising. I've always believed advertising should be a trade off of entertainment for your watching time. Not preachy bible guilt ridden, political ad campaign, but well executed styles. The hyperbole of it all is insane, its like watching a insane church rallying with a healer saying devil be gone and people chanting. There methods are excellent but i disagree with them, but im a free market guy so whateva. As long as competition doesnt dumb shit down to their levels too much or force U2 on me im like meh whatever the crazy kids will one day grow up. And better if the peopel agaisnt apple not to get involved. Its like if a parent tells their girl Bieber sucks and is a fuckin tool. They'll just love him that much more. ... which is probably why they use such hyperbole...fuckers"


Wordpress banner ad manager?

Any recommendations please?


Best notetaking / scrapbook app

Hi - any good online and app based scrapbooks?
Need Android app for phone and browser based website/app.
For keeping joblists, notes, ideas, images - anything really.


Wordpress basic cart

I need a basic cart for wordpress. v.simple just need 2 products but with inventory (well stock levels). I am using a simple cart that doesn't even have stock levels on it but v.good apart from that.
Just need a basic one - not woocommerce or anything that tries to do everything and gives client too many options - too bloaty for my needs. And don't want to spend the next 2 days customising the endless forms and pages associated with woo. Just need product - add to cart - pay via paypal. Simples.
Any ideas anyone?


Lets all give QBN a round of applause

Considering this site design is so ancient it has stood the test of time and I am still happy (well not happy) to come here everyday. Nicer to look at than Facebook and that has billions of users.


web design / dev podcasts

Any recommendations?


Best free code editor Windows

Any recommendations?
I am mac generally so not sure whats out there these days and laptop is useful now and again as its super lightweight and battery lasts forever. Why did I feel the need to justify my use of Windows?


eLearning / LMS - mobile friendly

Anyone have any experience of creating a mobile friendly LMS website?
I was going to use an LMS plugin with Wordpress but they want quite a high level of interactivity in the course materials.
Does anyone has any experience with this type of thing and/or recommendations.
Needs to be responsive as will be primarily mobile based.


Wordpress / Squarespace

I am doing a portfolio for my father in law who is an artist (painter).
I am looking for something like this:…
However I am hosting it and want to use Wordpress - I could do it from scratch but really don't have the time due to crazy client deadlines - just need a nice full screen Wordpress folio theme like the above - any recommendations?
Thanks in advance :)


Illustrator generative/geometric plugins?

Anyone know of any plugins / actions etc. for Illustrator that allow you to generate geometric patterns / generative code style stuff.
I know its all doable with the standard Illy features but is there anything out there to make it easier.
Preferably with random functions etc.
I have played with Processing but this is for print artwork so would prefer to do it all in within Illustrator.


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