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RIP Bob Hoskins…

Loved that guy


Weird Tweet examples

Don't know if anyone can help. Looking for links to (hopefully images) of weird tweets.


The most inane

and the most psychotic.

Any help much appreciated.


Gil Scott heron RIP



Charles Pazos aka exit studios aka team_zissou

Seriously dude. You are a fool. Just go quietly


'delete' oh no! Judgement day has begun!!



RIP John Barry

A true genius who's work I adored. Very sad


RIP Gary Mason…

Always seemed like a nice guy. Real shame


RIP Gerry Rafferty

Another early departure who leaves an iconic legacy.


Malcolm mclaren RIP

Channel 4 news uk just announced. The guy had an impact


Pal to NTSC help.

I've made a load of assets at PAL (designed to fit nicely in the typesafe area etc.

However I now need to convert all those to Pal. Obviously I can change the composition settings to NTSC automatically but stuff like a bug' will be way off in the typesafe area - due to different sizes.

Also a circle features predominantly. When I created this I made it at 768 x 576 Pal and squeezed into a 720 comp (hence the cirle looks like an elipse but is correct when rescanned). Is this the same case with NTSC? should a cirle look eliptical for rescanning or should it ACTUALLY be a circle in NTSC.

ANy help MUCH appreciated!!


PAL qt to NTSC?

I need to upload a widescreen quicktime I've made in Pal but needs to be converted to NTSC.

It's been a while, do I just convert the framerate to 30 fps.

Is it still 1024 x 576 for widescreen. Also I think I need to provide the audio track seperate - will this matter in terms of synching?

Thanks in advance


Canal + Rebrand !?…


Anyone know what this is? Got some random request to link to a site to boost traffic...thanks


YEAH!! Megan Fox as Catwoman…


CP+B outsourcing on Crowdspring...

shame on them


Jamie Hewlett, the beatles...amazing…


oldskool Sasha tune for the sun...

Pretty pointless thread really but the sun is out in the UK and this old track always makes me feel good so thought I'd share the nostalgia...embracing the sunshine…


Anyone subscribe? worth it? worth buying dvd tutorials? general thoughts?

Thanks inadvance


Paul Newman RIP

...a legend and a great man


H264 compression

I'm trying to compress some predominantly dark movies as best I can and keep them small. 264 seems best and is good for full colour but on these dark movies it's terribly banded. Any help appreciated.



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