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The last five years has brought a renaissance in the way people communicate. Advertising has saturated every physical, and digital surface as companies fight for their share in changing markets where a unique visual identity has never been more difficult to create and preserve.

Jason Kristofer ( and Patrick Riley ( spent the last 10 years building brands and designing campaigns for some of the worlds largest companies from prestigious luxury lines to entertainment, to international telecommunication. Companies that may have employed their creative services at some point now return to these two as a conduit to what many are referring to as the "Creative Class".

Kristofer and Riley are at the helm of The Quorporation Broadcasting Network (QBN) a small Los Angeles based company with a huge voice. In it's sixth year in operation, QBN has focused at curating, and documenting visual communication while building communities of the designers that are creating it. The earliest adopters of style and technology, young creatives are now a prized demographic for anyone with a product or a message that needs momentum to cut through the noise, and perhaps become a trend amongst trendsetters.

QBN's many on and offline endeavourers include Newstoday / the largest online community for working designers, & a Job board and Advertising network respectively, targeting the same design-centric audience. QBN is also making room the real world, hosting a design lecture in the early fall of 07 at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

<i>QBN is an Official Corporate donor of The Getty Foundation</i>



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