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  • Continuity0

    So, what happens to the sidebar on mobile?

    Cos, in my head, it would end up way at the bottom of the page, which isn't ideal for the kind of content they want in there.

    • exactly! but when I said this they replied we don't want you to design mobile first.oey_oey
    • they believe that their target doesn't check websites on mobile, or don't want to have people who do it as their clients, no ideaoey_oey
    • Out of curiosity, do you have access to their stats logs for their current site? I'll bet anything that mobile browsers have a more then substantial share.Continuity
    • In any case, they should like a shit client already, just on that basis alone.Continuity
    • Just saw your second note, after posting my second. Now they *really* sound like a shit client. Proceed with caution.Continuity
    • this is their first websiteoey_oey
    • they are very sure of what they wantoey_oey
    • Who are their target audience, do you know?Continuity
    • sort of like pseudo left-hippy people, eso, sensible, yoga, massage, resilience workshops, family therapy...they offer coaching servicesoey_oey
    • They are TOTALLY browsing on their phones.Continuity
    • of course my dear ;-)oey_oey
    • Jettison this client fast, my guy.Continuity
    • the good thing, I hope,is that I'll get the money in advanceoey_oey
    • Well, take the hit, if you really have to, especially if the money is good.Continuity
    • oh man, it's good and I need it. the job is actually an easy score. I've made a sticky sidebar with an overflow-x: all-scroll;oey_oey
    • I will make two versions of the home page, one with a more informative hero section and one with a left sidebar, maybe it works better and I can convince themoey_oey
  • section_0140

    Is there a left sidebar too? It's gonna look weird AF without one.

    Otherwise, google their competitors? Or my usual, shameful source:…

    • no, just the right side bar. I had a hero section with an excerpt of their presentation text and the sidebar came after it.oey_oey
    • they said they're not into the latest trends of web design and want something more functional, more direct, and better readable.oey_oey
    • the problem is not the sidebar per se but that it comes immediately after the header where's the menu. the menu is right above it. that's the issue.oey_oey
  • oey_oey0

    Sorry, the question should be:

    Does someone know of websites that use this layout and can serve as good examples for what the client wants?