Foil Stamping

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  • colin_s

    Looking to do a foil stamp on the cover of my next book.

    Obviously will talk with the printer as well but does anyone know of a size limit they've run into, in terms of line width? I'm thinking primarily for a contrast-y serif where one-half might be pretty thin. But I've seen business cards with pretty small type in foil, and I've a couple books with small illustrations in it as well.

    Just trying to pick out typefaces beforehand as I start to set everything and don't want to get ahead of myself with solidifying any decision if I have to go back on it.

  • Gnash2

    You can get very fine lines with foils stamping. You’ll be limited more by the paper substrate that’s being used, it’s texture and tooth, than you will be the design or typeface. As to the size, that depends on the printer and how big their die is. Often, jobbing printers will send out the foil stamping portion of a project to a place that specializes in foil, then complete the job on it’s return

    • Hot-foil, specifically. Cold-foil is cheaper because it can be printed in-line, but it doesn’t leave the slight ‘emboss’ and not as good detailGnash
    • dope, thanks!colin_s