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  • canoe

    A friend of mine asked for a favor - create a video for his upcoming release. Ya know, for free. So to save time I was thinking that maybe there are off-the-shelf fx and what not like they have for Photoshop (actions). I'm using Premiere and AFX (maybe), and I'm not even that experienced in either of them, as in, the last time I touched AFX was in 2000.

  • grafician-14

    You again?

    First, fuck you.

    Second, alright, you need to listen/watch your friend's release and come up with a concept that closely matches what he needs to get through to his fans

    When you have the concept, it's way easier to plan for a video - be it frame-by-frame animation, or using some Ae plugin for generating graphics out of sounds, or whatever

    Who knows, your friend might be a hit wonder and your first video for him might crush it

    Don't forget to post it in the "show some recent work" thread anyway

    p.s. this is generic advice because you haven't told us anything useful to "help" you

    • The concept might reduce to something as as simple as word! Think "freedom" or "solitude" or "rejoice"grafician
    • Pretty sure you go on using your iPhone bro shooting some random stuff that eventually fits a theme then boom! there goes a nice video!grafician
    • "Looking for AFX elements" doesn't translate into "I don't have a concept," in any language on any planet. Ya dig?canoe
    • Because you're not that "experienced in either of them" right we got itgrafician
    • stfumonospaced
  • shellie14

    I produced this music video this year.

    What grafician said, make a plan. Listen to the music and figure out a concept that fits the sound. If you're not struck with an idea, maybe you shouldn't do it. Im sure this means a lot to your friend and he'll figure something else out if you can't.

    For instance if you have no budget you could have dude get you one of those table top tripods from Amazon and you can set up a still life of flowers and fruit and do a time loose of it decaying and just use your phone to capture that for different periods of time (leave the tripod and still life set up). You can add some sort of distortion effect once you string that all out that gains momentum over time or to the beat, or both. Cut in a bunch of cool, gross macro shots and have it build in intensity toward the end. Add art house movie style subtitles of the lyrics at the bottom. Bam, its a music video, visualizer, lyrics video. BTW lyrics videos are pretty successful so I'd recommend that approach. Even if the video sucks, interested parties still want to hear the music and read the lyrics.

    Get creative! If you're going to do it you might as well make a good peice of work. I had never touched premiere or after effects when I made this:

    And after that experience I had a shitload of useful skills that help me realize work today.

    • shellie bro you're a pro, thanks for your input, hope canoe might learn something from thisgrafician
    • that stop motion video it also turns out someone here made mini furniture for fun so I got to barrow a bunch for the apartment sce bc I shared my concept here.shellie
    • I learned early that being friends to producers might get you a long way in your career if you're some type of visual artist lol
      But you'll b "always on call"
    • shellie, big ass thumbs up! I really like the vibe of that video, and those small things what make it interesting :D my fav is between 1:15-1:23sted
    • Shellie great work but how did you create the stop motion cutout effects without using After Effects or Premiere.Ramanisky2
    • *i was referring to the first one :Dsted
    • @Ramanisky2 with flash? hahaasted
    • Great work Shellie!PhanLo
    • I did do some of that post work in flash lol and then figured out I could have saved myself a lot of headache halfway through with AE. *facepalm*shellie
    • So obviously you used different software to get the desired elements ... what did you put all the elements together in for the final cut, what app?? Curious :)Ramanisky2
    • I did use premiere to put all of the layers together. for the cut out peices once I edited it, frame rate reduced and then printed frame by frameshellie
    • so once it got to shooting the cut outs the edit was locked and easy to manipulate. not a lot of fancy editing.shellie
    • some flash generated movies with alpha for the 2d animations on top but I made the light bulb over the head part in after effects for the first time.shellie
    • I basically did tutorials to get through every single effect I needed to pull off. the first time I opened that part of the adobe suite.shellie
    • plus Adobe didn't allow you to import raw files or I didn't know how to yet so there were a lot of pages sequence imports from photoshop.shellie
    • *png sequences in photoshop. I did some animations literally frame by frame animation in photoshop like you would a gifshellie
    • but hey, it got the job done and discovered better approaches on the way. it was my 1st music video & I've made several since. its gotten easier every timeshellie
    • Ah cool, that makes more sense
      thanks Shellie. You did a solid job for someone who had to figure it out on the fly.
  • canoe0

    This is a good example of what I was referring to...…

    • Like old anamorph from wddgGuyFawkes
    • Google: video copilot glitch pluginGuyFawkes
    • So a about a day's work of cutting random bits of video? lolgrafician
    • Then google after effects audio visualizerGuyFawkes
    • Jesus graf, he wants to do quick free work ffs. Back off.monospaced
    • lol this guy coming in there for years asking for favours, he probably made a fortune out of our "help" lolgrafician
    • @mono do you see me "hey guys, how do I manage a product team for a Fortune 500 company"

      Yeah, didn't think so, chump
    • I agree with mono, you come on pretty strong, and you say stupid shit like I made money off QBN advice because you're a squid.canoe
    • bro you have a history of asking stuff for years, nobody junior would stay at that level for years! so you either play stupid or...?grafician
    • I know people who were juniors in my agency back years ago and today they win Cannes Lions like skittles, so what's up?
      You didn't level up in years?
    • So yeah, you either posts some results or you're done here, I will scream "wolf" everytime you post asking for help againgrafician
    • Canoe is a standup dude yuri, chillGuyFawkes
    • ahaha yuri%$^sted
    • I give fucks about GuyFawkes!canoe
    • We give fucks about you canoegrafician
    • Once again I’m not a fucking auditor. I’m a creative director of an in house team and have been for more than a decade. Stop talking shit please.monospaced
    • And if someone asked about building product for a Fortune 500 company I actually would have advice. Back the fuck off.monospaced
    • I’ve won plenty of awards. I’ve shown more work here than you. Do you see me demanding work to determine a users worth?! What a dick move.monospaced
  • shapesalad4

    Put the track into iTunes,

    Set your screen capture software of choice running. Perhaps just quicktime.

    Hit play on the track.

    Press Apple+T.

    Thank me later.

    • If you want to get creative, record it again using the 'Classic' option, edit in premiere between the two.shapesalad
    • Hmmmcanoe
  • canoe0

    I assume that these would be easy to integrate, but I've never purchased anything like it so this is kind of an experiment.

    • So if you're not posting the final output here after you're done, you're dead to me

      So better make it count
    • I bought the transitions and just changed their size and blend mode. Dope in a box. Shrugs.canoe
    • Cool. let's see what you got!grafician
    • I'm definitely not posting it then.canoe
    • Then consider yourself exposed, who the fuck are you anyway coming in here asking for "help" for years? The nervegrafician
    • You're the only one who has a problem with me talking about work with other designers. I've been here since 2001 under different names, I've contributed plenty.canoe
    • Who the fuck are you anyway coming in here telling people what they can and cannot do? The nerve.canoe
    • You've contributed shit! The fact you can't distinguish between some simple fonts and can't get a video idea for a friend means you're dumb as a rock lolgrafician
    • Actually, you said it was Neutraface and it wasn't. And I said I was looking for After FX elements, not a concept. You and Shellie whipped out your cocks...canoe
    • and started talking about girth and length. I never said I needed a concept you mental midget. Read again! You fucking troll.canoe
    • You're also coming in here asking for help so stfu and be humble oh wait you can't cuz you're not even a fucking designer!
      I don't know a designer dumb as you!
    • Do you even know the difference between Neutraface and josefin sans you piece of shit? lol
      The nerveeee!
    • If you're gonna troll, you're gonna have to step up your game - that was pathetic.canoe
    • Troll?! I caught you twice with your pants down, never come here again you moron!grafician
    • After 15 years of experience you have no clue about google fonts and Ae? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
      Fuck off loser!
    • Actually I started making flyers for my DJ gigs while studying Lib Arts/Biz, then I had an intensive design program for 2 years, worked at BBDO for 5...canoe
    • ...then went out on my own 15 years ago to work and live in South America, and contributed to QBN about being an expat...canoe
    •'s these kinds of life experiences that make me a full person... unsusceptible to internet trolling. But you have inspired me to post some work here, tnx!canoe
    • Look at this guy, calling you a piece of shit and a loser, and then accuse you of not being a designer. What a shithead.monospaced
  • utopian0
  • PhanLo0

    @Canoe, you might as well get something like this, it's just drag and drop, super cheap and will save a lot of time.

  • sted1

    @canoe u got cgpeers? lol

  • grafician-13

    Stop f helping this moron, he has no clue about fonts, motion or anything, just take a look at his posts, always in here begging for help for years!

    He's probably an agency shill asking for free help from the community on a regular

    • Is this QBN freak out time?
      Your fuse has been getting longer I must say
    • Check the fucking facts Guy and also fuck off you're even a designer?

      I tried to offer help but this guy is dumb as a rock
    • LOL grafician you clearly don't know these people why don't you just go to bed and think about your life, especially that part where u interact with strangers.sted
    • Holy shit bro, you're trying to gang up on me, what kind of whackadoo are you?canoe
    • I only see a dumb idiot asking for help for free twice in a few days and tons over the years

      click on his profile name lol
    • btw sted I have no issue offering help but if you really struggle but damn this guy is pushing itgrafician
    • I don't mind asking for help. I've worked on my own for the past 15 years. QBN is my cubicle. If you don't like it, I guess that's your problem.canoe
    • Wrong, you can't work on your own for 15 years and still be junior level! stop fucking lying!
      With 15 years you manage agencies you moron!
    • So which is it? Do you manage agencies or your a junior - AFTER 15 YEARS?!grafician
    • YOU'REgrafician
    • I can re-learn the latest Ae in under a month and you come in here asking for help "for a friends" video, let's see your progress then!grafician
    • I'll stand corrected after and gladly send you a case of the finest spirits you desire, but show us something or never return!grafician
    • "QBN is my cubicle." that nice :) i can relatested
    • Australia is your cubicle sted lol
      Let's call that "open space"
    • graf, hope you are going better! best wishes to you. Don't know why you are so frustrated, but disrupting qbn will not help you in the long term. Smile More!uan
    • graf you run agencies?monospaced
    • that could explain it mono, ACDs and ECDs are always stressed af :-)uan
    • graf, how many agencies do you run?monospaced
    • That’s what I thought.monospaced
    • No response after two weeks.monospaced
  • grafician-13

    so yeah canoe, let's see what's your results are buddy?

    We offered a lot of help, let's see what you come up with hehe

    • When you say "we" are you talking about all the voices in your head?canoe
    • No buddy, just the our nerves against your shamegrafician
    • You said you have 15 years of experience, let's see that in motion! Must be glorious!grafician
    • Anything is better than this crap.canoe
    • let's see it then, show us your glorious experience and your amazing video for your friend! Can't wait!grafician
    • You know I never said anything other than I'm doing some free work. Now go to bed troll.canoe
    • Np, I will bookmark this thread and call you out everytime you ask for help weekgrafician
    • Find it amazing you even called this thread "Motion Cheater"grafician
    • Why? I was being honest. I'm not going to spend 5 hours on transitions when I can buy them for $10. I cheated, see.canoe
    • I always help people when they're genuinely asking no questions asked, but seeing you, you're a leechgrafician
    • Like I give a fuck what some troll on QBN thinks... it's your narcissism that's getting the best of you tonight. Shut it down.canoe
    • Canoe lives on a canoe, so he is cool :-D
      (maybe I invented this memory, but I thought you went to central america or so on a long canoe trip once)
    • I lived in Central America y South America for over 5 years, but the weeklong paddles were mostly in midwest and Florida keys. Big up Juan.canoe
  • uan3

    I did this clip for music friends some year ago. Fun Weekend projet.

    Someone in the band had a new Iphone, so we used it as camera.

    The band was in love with the cool effects the iphone can render.
    First I was a bit against it, but I ended up giving up my idea of control and just flow with them :-)
    So we did the effects inPhone, exported from there, and edited in AE/PS.

    That was around 2 years ago. I bet the apps and phones are even better today, so def. look into mobile video editing.
    Stuff like videoleap by Lightricks.

  • evilpeacock1

    You don't even have to shoot anything; I once made a ~7 minute music video for a band that played music with a lot of "live looping" just by finding a cache of plentiful available media.

    I cut loops from old stock footage in the public domain from, and did basic effects with garbage mattes and speed changes. No AE or proper effects work even though I was making that sort of things for clients even then. The rest came from my sense-of-humor.

    <iframe src="

    ">Neon Brown - Tipping The Fridge Music Video</a> from <a href="">Eric Peacock</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

    • Oh right... embeds don't work.

      Here's just the video link:…
    • Yah, that's what I'm getting at, making something from nothing, I love it, you found a motif and went with itcanoe
  • stoplying0

    I have an app on my phone called 8mm which mimics an old film camera with a couple of different filters which are a little heavy handed, but look pretty nice. Assuming you actually want to film this friend.

  • shellie0

    Hmm I saw that comment, Canoe I didn't whip my cocktail out. You said your friend asked for a free music video and you haven't touched effects in ages but you need to make a free, cheap music video. Maybe I didn't quite understand your ask but I thought I was pretty thoughtful with my response and I actually took time out of my day to try and help and give you some things to work with. And i tried to inspire you to push yourself with your approach even if you're not a pro at the programs. Sheesh what a waste trying to contribute anything meaningful to this place.

    • *whip my cocktail outshellie
    • please don't stop. your post inspired my post and evilpeacock's one. without your good energy response the dark forces would have killed the thread.uan
    • what comment? I seriously doubt canoe had any problem with you, it was graf who turned this thread into an obnoxious shitfest.fadein11
    • canoe lumped her in with graf and called it a cock measurement contest or something equally ignorantmonospaced
    • ah, missed that.fadein11
    • Shellie, your contribution was great, and I shouldn't have bagged you with gaf, but you and gaf both QUICKLY judged that I didn't have a concept or a workflow..canoe
    • ...based on the simple fact that I wanted to save some time.canoe
    • If anything you should start a Low Budget Video thread... these vids are more fun than work anyways.canoe
    • @mono - equally ignorant? it's more like a foul cliché, not ignorant, gaf was being ignorant.canoe
    • Maybe just browse the after effects or stock threads and do the research then. there's been tons of posts about that.shellie
    • useful of the day threads like that are abundant af. stock sites free & paid with AE files are abundant on Google if you're specific about the effect you want.shellie
    • sorry canoemonospaced
    • shellie you're a fucking gem, pls don't leave.zarkonite
    • We didn't judged nothing! We told you how to it's done!

      I can take your shit, but calling shellie like that...bruh
      And again you're still the one asking...
  • canoe7

    Ok, so I didn't do the titles - you'll see.

    And ya, do I want to spend 20 more hours on this yes...

    but that's not the point...

    the point is/was - how to make a fiver a tenner, or something like that...

    so far so good - they're very grateful with how it turned out

    • I like it. I like the slow rotate too. Assume it's the glitchy Tomato-esque bits you added? Nice.MrT
    • To start tomorrow I would do the slow rotate altogether with fx and forget the 'meesenger' or have done one or the other, sabes?canoe
    • Yah, bought the VHS effect, the rest was all pexelscanoe
    • The slow rotate - wasn't for effect. I've often thought, through a wide angle lens, to create a cognitive dissonance, so the idea to flip the world over an..canoe
    • "anything is possible" theme felt appropriate...canoe
    • The titles are fire.nb
    • thats great mankingsteven
    • That worksscruffics