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  • cannonball1978

    I'm cranking out something and wanted to know if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with Webflow's hosting platform?

    Seems the alternative is export and then FTP... I was wondering if their hosting was worth thinking about so I could just cut that part of the pipeline out.

  • grafician-1

    Hosting comes also with the CMS that's extra so I think it costs more than getting a separate hosting account somewhere for a year and using SFTP or using wordpress as a CMS

    These are the prices from what I can see now:

    Hope it helps

    • So yeah it's pricey, but the platform is good, no complainsgrafician
    • Then Opalstack is way cheaper: https://my.opalstack‚Ķgrafician
    • I've used digital ocean for years. I do have a wordpress site, but they have tons of plugins for other CMS platforms. I pay $5/month.bulletfactory
    • Pretty damn cheap for what you get and their servers are very fast. Not sure why you'd both using their services, exporting and putting somewhere else.formed
    • The whole point of Webflox is you don't need plugins, everything is optimized for their service, etc. It's not that bloated whale that Wordpress is.formed
    • We are switching to it for everything. WP is just too cumbersome and takes continual maintenance.formed