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  • piperboytoy

    I've been working on a research blog on sustainable designs, architecture, fashion, artists. As a hobby and to learn about circular design. My original intentions were to find beautifully design upcycled brands and products that are noncrafts looking.

    Almost all content is curated, and I have plans to do some original material like video stories from artists and designers on the environment and their practices, etc.

    My mission is to inform, inspire action curbing climate change. There are a lot of women's sustainable blogs, and I want to make mine to be more gender neutral, targeting males. I wanted to create more content to respond to the toxic masculinity and its negative impact on the environment.ā€¦

    Love to get some feedback from this creative community. I've only just started, and now I'm trying to figure out what I should focus on next.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • piperboytoy0

    Looking for Feedback, please. Sorry I did not include that in my title.

  • spot130


    It comes across as gratuitous value signalling that is big on buzz words and warm and fuzzy feelings but lacking any real substance. While I'm clearly not your intended audience, I would suggest it needs some edge or angle that would differentiate it from all the other sites that are regurgitating terms like upcycle and artivism. I think you can also drop the word 'curated' from everywhere it appears as it's redundant. From a design perspective, it's a cookie cutter Squarespace site so there is nothing unique there again.

  • piperboytoy0

    Thanks for that honest feedback.

    I wanted to make a directory of sustainable creative projects that would inspire people to not look at waste as an end of life material in the product cycle but something that has value in the circular economy as a resource.

    I think I'd like to reformat the info and work towards being more of an educational site offering more what the creative community is doing.