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    "I remember seeing coldplay play that one song on a talk show, i heard the melody and i was like "BULLSHIT! THESE MUTHA FUCKAS BIT KRAFTWERK!" my gf at the time was like "What did they really?" and she was a big coldplay fan. but then i saw the drummer he had a kraftwerk shirt on, so i took it as a nod to this song. so everything was fine and me and her fucked."

    Larry Ham commenting on Kraftwerk - Computer Love

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  • sofas0

    Putin's body guards aren't pussies like the rest

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    "not tourettes, just Scottish."

  • sofas3

    "So, life insurance?"

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    'To see the farm is to leave it.' To understand the constraints and controls placed around you through the corporate propaganda matrix is to break down those controls mentally. See that the fix was always on. Once you completely see all the control mechanisms for what they are they no longer have power over your mind. When your mind is free you have left the farm. The only hitch is that, in most cases, the system of mafia level taxations will still firmly be in place around you, and you will in essence be a dual agent. Awake but in debt. On one side of that coin, you can not be mentally controlled or manipulated. You will consume far less, you will envy others far less (no more movie star or rich person worship) and you will want more intangible experiences rather than consumable 'stuff.' Thanks to the democratic model you will have the freedom to seek those intangible experiences out through nature, sport and the arts. But on the flip side of that coin you will still be paying the 'tax' but the master just receives physical currency from you, no longer the faux-loyalty that has comforted them and their horrible decisions they have made for humanity. If your master looks you in the eyes at this moment of freedom they will realize that they have actually always feared you. They are more enslaved then those they enslave. The ultimate universal irony. The master is the least free of all. Forever perfectly controlled to maintain perfect control. I left the farm but I know the farm still exists.

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    Thompter S. Hunson commented:
    1994. We were 13-14-year-old kids, notorious for shoplifting... We were stealing things we weren't even needed! lol! Little brainless thugs you could say :) One of our favorite places to steal, was the record stores! The era of the CD's was just starting hitting strong and it was a favorite item on our "to steal" list. After chocolates of course! :D Our music taste was everything in between Sex Pistols and Nirvana :P The most "electronic" hearing we had those years, was Technotronic (Pop The Jam!), some other "MTV dance" tracks and of course, the first rumbles of The Prodigy! So, we get one sunny afternoon inside a local record shop to "pick up" some new tunes :) I don't remember very well the details but I remember as we're looking CDs with my best thug, we're stumbling upon a CD named "Trust In Trance". We had absolutely no fucking clue what "Trance" means! But it had a very striking UV visual in the cover! That was enough for two 14 yo kids to stick that CD into their pants :P The next thing I remember is sitting in front of the CD player of my best thug, speechless, with my mouth open like I've seen a ghost! The track that was on, it was "Mahadeva" from Astral Projection and it hit me like a thunder in the head! The journey that started that day by pressing the play button, has never ended! Although these days I despite the shoplifting we were doing as kids, I will never regret stealing this CD! It led me to great places all over the planet, I met amazing people, I transcendence with this music in mind-blowing locations and I became a better person, for mother nature first and foremost. And for all of her children too.

  • sofas0

    "Noodles FLY down a bamboo"

    • facepalm...pango
    • fucken noodle head.omg
    • lol, that's gotta be unsanitary. like sucking the worms out of a dog's ass.omg
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    In a new study, sociologists Aaron Panofsky and Joan Donovan examined years’ worth of posts on Stormfront to see how members dealt with the news. It’s striking, they say, that white nationalists would post these results online at all.

    I think this is a sign that people go to these communities looking for validation. You'd think someone would want to hide this kind of information and consider it a deep, dark secret. Instead they go online looking for others to tell them it's alright, that they're still part of the exclusive club. The fact that they're getting that validation is what makes these groups so attractive.…

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    "Stalking is just going on long walks together that only one of you knows about."…

  • sofas0

    "I once went hiking with a girl at Point Reyes. We parked on the side of a road near a hostel and followed a trail some miles to the shore. We saw a gartersnake, imbricate scales with three yellow stripes running down its body, and we stepped to the side of the trail and waited for it to pass.

    We walked on. The trail curved around a hill and we saw the ocean, gray beneath serried clouds, and we saw brown buildings ahead and there were camping sites and there was an old wooden building with a blue restroom sign. While she used the restroom I sat at a wooden table with a father and we watched his two sons try and fail and try again to set up their white dome tent. The father was laughing and giving them advice as they tried to bend the poles and then he got up to help.

    She came out of the bathroom and we left the father to his sons and the sons to their father. We went down the trail toward the ocean and stopped at a eucalyptus tree with a rope swing. Beyond that was a cliff overlooking the pacific. She stood on the edge of the cliff and I thought she might fall and I came up beside her and the wind blew against us and there were red and blue specks of people moving on the beach below and there was something shaped like a dog, probably a dog, moving beside them.

    We took a path down to the beach and we ran forth like children, stepping lightly in the surf, the ocean pulsing beneath our feet. We walked along the beach, we smiled at the people passing by. That cold day and the sky was raw and gray. Old ocean smell, welter of memory, and now years later when I close my eyes I cannot see her face. She is all a blur. I remember walking with my arm around her and a dungeness crab scuttling by. What stays and what does not. I remember what my father once said to me, always keep an eye on the ocean. My vision split between the pacific and her and if I do not feel love I do feel peace."…

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    "When I was in Primary School (For you no English that's 3 to 11 years old) there was an older kid, I say older but he was just 11. Anyway, he arranged a great escape. The school play ground linked to the teachers car park through a big ass field we wasn't allowed on. From the car park you could climb a gate to get out. So, on the day a break time the kid sounded a whistle (No joking) like a war horn and about 300 children sprinted across this field to freedom. Some kids just running for the hell of it, some following out noble leader like me. Teachers sprinted out, grabbing us and forming lines to stop us. About a dozen of us got through and made it to the car park, but a few teachers were there having cigarettes so they tried stopping us. I was caught meters from the gate and saw all but one child hop it. The older guy. He was chased by the history teacher but got back home and spent the rest of the day playing video games.
    He's in jail for murder now."…

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    "Oddly enough, Viagra will be remembered as one of the most important drugs of the "almost 21st Century" (1998).
    The first reason is the obvious one. But the importance of the first major anti-erectile dysfunction drug meant that the market for aphrodisiacs made from endangered animals crashed, thus saving several species from extinction. Even more so, Viagra also works on most mammals, so encouraged endangered animals to reproduce.
    The other huge effect is that Viagra was quickly recognized as one of the most important pediatric drugs. That is, premature infants have great difficulty in getting their lungs and capillaries opened for healthy blood flow. This substantially improves their health much faster, especially in a higher oxygen incubator."

    • Fascinating. It was originally developed to improve blood flow.monospaced
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    • This is a two for one deal. The second comment is better than the first.CyBrainX