Windows Laptops?

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  • section_014

    Anyone want to recommend something 13" (or so) with 16GB RAM and either 256 or 512GB SSD (preferably pcie). Plus, at least one Thunderbolt 3 port. I'll be running Windows (obviously) and a Linux VM for web servers.

    Was going to get a Razer Blade Stealth, but there are too many horror stories on that one. In fact, a lot of these pc laptops have bad reviews. Which, is part of the reason for going to Apple in the first place..but anyways.

    I'm thinking about the HP Spectre x360. It's got all the specs I need, and doesn't seemed to be plagued by anything crazy. Although it is pretty new. Any others? Preferably something that people have used.

    And, for reference, the 13" 2016 mbp in the same configuration is an eye-watering $900 more. Technically the mbp is a little faster (2.7 vs 2.9), and the iris integrated chip is better. But, ffs, not $900 better. I could deal with 300-400 more, but this shit is over the top.

  • ETM0

    The HP Spectre x360 is a nice machine. Just make sure you have the latest hardware revision with the Thunderbolt 3 ports. Also is a bit thinner.

  • section_0142

    Jeezus. After researching every non-apple laptop I can, it's apparent that every other laptop is shit. Dell XPS has cpu whine (didn't know what that was until this weekend), the HP Spectre I was looking at has loads of people complaining about the screen cracking out of no where, fuckin Razer thingy has problems and their customer service is horrible.

    Although I don't want only 4 USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, I do want at least one because Thunderbolt 3 is ridiculously fast (which is only on the top of the line pc laptops).

    So, I don't know what the fuck to do. I'm not really prepared to go $500+ over my budget for a new mbp. But, I also don't want to drop $1400 on a windows box just to have the screen crack or some other bullshit.

    • If you look hard enough you can find bad reviews for even the best products.
    • This is true.section_014
    • The Dell and Surface Laptop have had stellar reviewsformed
    • and fyi, thinking that it's built to any less quality than Apple is wrong. I have a Dell from 10 years ago that works flawlessly.formed
    • There are plenty of cheap, crappy Windows laptops, but the high end is just as good as any Macformed
    • dude, macbooks have plenty of horror stories. You shouldn't believe anything that doesn't involve a recall...zarkonite
    • If you believed all the comments on reviews, every thing that every person owns ever, must be broken. Mostly just the angry few that vent online.ETM
  • craigatkinson1

    I've never had a MBP that has worked for more than 12 months. Apple have always replaced them free to be fair.

    I'm looking at XPS / Surface pro 4 as main computer. Mainly Lightroom / Indesign with a monitor at the studio.

    • you were unlucky, I still have mbp here with 6+years or more working.Miguex
  • hotroddy0

    Is a adobe creative suite license interchangeable between windows and mac?

    • yeah, you can run it on two machines at the same time - Mac/Pc, Mac/Mac, Pc/Pc.face_melter
  • where_am_i0

    I like the look of these…

    Always been on mac but that new slidey screen bar thing on mbp is fugly.
    But these surface laptops pretty steep, that one $800 more than mbp 15". It says twice as fast as mbp 13 inch. But doesnt show ghz...
    Would be nice if they made a 15 inch , sometimes need to do work on stand alone without screen plugged in, 13.5 bit small for me.

    Would love to hear review here if anyone gets one these new ones when they out

    • do look good. Uk in Jan I think. Is steep though. Surface 4 comes with free xbox 1s at momentcraigatkinson
    • These are just as overpriced, but you could argue that the top of the line touch screen makes up for it.section_014
  • microkorg1

    Dell has a new XPS 13 with a 15 following soon - all having the new 7th Gen chips.

    I've got my eyes on a 15" 1tb SSD 32GbRAM 4k Touchscreen.
    They pop up in the Dell Outlet occasionally for about £1600.
    (but this would likely be the 6th Gen current model).

    Going to wait to see what Black Friday offers are going and probably bite then.

  • craigatkinson0

    Are Dell ok? I've been looking at them but keep getting swayed by Microsoft / free xbox / versatility of surface pro

    • XPS and Precision ones are just as well built as a Mac, but that Surface is pretty niceformed
    • yeah dell are pretty decent and with their next business day on-site servicing you can't really grumble! Something goes wrong they come and fix it.microkorg
  • where_am_i0

    if the surface studio/new surface models are stable and fast, will be real competition in the design/creative industry...hopefully it will inspire apple to get their shit together and we may have some good machines coming up from both sides. My worry with surface studio is never buy first gen anything. Otherwise it looks dang good. Throw that wheel away and let me use my wacom pen on the screen and sweet!. Just dont say illegal operation every 5 minutes like my last PC circa 2003 haha

  • section_0140

    Ended up getting a 3 year old 13.3" HP for $400. Everything's upgradable, and it comes with a decently fast SSD (there's actually two hard drive bays).

    Display is crap (comparatively), and it's gonna have that cheapo HP look. Whatever, I just need something to write code on the go. This thing will do everything I need except any apple specific stuff like ios (which I haven't done in a year).

    So, that's that. I still have my hackintosh for audio prod. In the end I couldn't justify the $2500 a 13" MBP at acceptable specs was going to run me. A shame really.

    • Wiping windows off of it, and installing Linux, fyi.section_014
  • monNom0

    If I was in the market, I'd get a Lenovo p50…

    3.7ghz xeon proc
    64gb ram
    4k-ish IPS screen with built in xrite colour sensor
    4gb Quadro GFX
    512gb SSD


    you can get a lower spec starting around $1200

    • too bad it's got that number keyboard thing on the many peolpe actually use that? it just makes you always type off center - dumb, imhoformed
    • I like the number pad on the right...pango
    • people still use the red dot?hotroddy
    • Hate the red dot...pango
    • I've heard the red dot is fantastic for code/writing. You can move your cursor without your fingers leaving the home row.monNom
    • If you've ever used an old blackberry to work with text, you'll know how well those things can work. It's a nice feature IMOmonNom
    • You can even get a touch screen and stylus option on this thing and use it as a cintiq.monNom