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  • kona


    Last Friday, 4 days into my new gig my late 2013 Mac Pro froze at 4pm while I was literally sitting back in my chair admiring my work and I lost everything I saved on the machine that day.

    Like, Friday didn't happen. All of the files I dropped onto the desktop, the edits I made and saved throughout the day, notes I took on the machine, gone.

    Apparently this machine does it 'every so often' so I don't know what the heck that means.

    Any ideas on how to go about fixing whatever issue this may be?

    A few things before you (I'm looking directly at you set) chime in;
    - I.T. has been creating a new shared server for us, Wed-Fri it wasn't available so working from the server was not an option. Also, said server is slow as molasses anyways.
    - I distinctly remember saving at least a dozen times during the day, so I know I just didn't forget to save.
    - Fuck your Mac vs PC "Should build your own PC and stick a phillips head screwdriver up your anus while you do it" chatter

  • prophetone1

    Is your desktop on the machine or network-based (virtual)?

    • on the machinekona
    • beer was not involved?prophetone
    • you x-rayed the machine, they're not playing hide and seek in a subfolder?prophetone
    • and no 'syncing apps' at play here, at allprophetone
    • beer was not involved unfortunately.kona
  • detritus1

    Pfft, I'm sitting here re-doing 4 hours of laser-cutting because a client changed her mind about a colour choice about two months ago, informing me in a single sentence in the middle of an otherwise irrelevant and long-forgotten email, rather than updating the relevant column in spreadsheet I thought we were working from.

    So, technically, my fault, but definitely hers, but ultimately mine. Next time I'll consolidate that factor in the same situation.


    If your employer's computer lost your work, it's their fault so they shouldn't have any problems re-doing it — and we all know work done a second time's much quicker and better than the first.

    And get a new computer.

    And don't trust it, and make your own back up.

    Which reminds me — I need to do a back up.


    Which is fuck-all consolation, I understand.

    *crappy bro-fist*

    • re: 3rd full paragraph - unfoprtunatelty, laser-cutting takes exactly the same amount of time to re-do whatever has to be done. Yaay.detritus
    • absolutely on all accounts! i'm having them purchase me an external drive for an hourly time machine backup. plus, looking into a new machine.kona
    • i broke it again this morning where it froze for 5 min, then rebooted itself. again i was taking some notes and it just did it on it's own.kona
  • detritus1

    What software was the work done in?

    • adobe cckona
    • i'm turning on cloud sync now. my last company wouldn't allow it but i just noticed this one does.kona
  • Gnash1

    are they using any kind of file syncing software like MacDropAny? Or perhaps some kind of dropbox syncing ?

    • also, was it all the files on the desktop, or just yours?Gnash
  • moldero1

    fuck, Im on the same model (late 2013 Mac Pro)
    and all i work on is Adobe CC, crossing my fucking fingers that this shit doesn't happen to me, that said;

    I never work off of my main drive, all my work is on externals, I use the main drive for the OS, that's it, I use a additional external for caching. if the mac pro does crap out, ill whip out my late '09 mac pro and chug along compositing 4k on that shit piece of shit while I bitch and whine all day on how slow it is.

    these mac pro's with their weird ass fucking un-removeable/ un-replaceable (supposedly super fast) hard drives trip me the fuck out.

  • Julesvm1

    raid5 NAS is your friend

    • i'm shopping for a NAS now -- any recommendation?Gnash
    • it was written is a good one
    • If you want speed id say spend bucks on new computer w/ samsung 950. if you want redundancy I'd just backup more. Raid is pricey. look at mediasonic proboxes
    • Synologyernexbcn
    • ^ ya, researching synology vs qnap vs droboGnash
    • synology all the wayJulesvm
    • synologyJulesvm
    • Gnash im assuming your a single user right? You don't strike me as IT guy setting up a file server. If its just for you NAS is wasted money.
    • it is just for me. I was only thinking NAS because I have 3 computers and would like to treat the NAS almost like a server by connecting to my routerGnash
    • ^ not sure this is the way to go as it may be a slow connectingGnash
    • ah. yea not to sure on that stuff. only a personal tower and work laptop. i just do the thumbdrive dance.
    • internal drives are my working and a 4 bay mediasonic box for backup. lots of people think they need NAS for single users but its overkill
    • Work off of PCIe 2400MB/1200MB R/W, than back up to slow 200MB R/W HDD. I do wish I had my lightroom catalog on a faster drive...
    • makes sense, deathboy. thanks for the insight.Gnash
  • ArmandoEstrada2

    timemachine. saved my ass countless times, not only with ties i accidentally deleted but versioning.

  • Hayoth1

    Did you boot your laptop up as a hard drive on another machine?

    • Mac Pro, not Mac Book Pro, unless I missed somethingmoldero
    • He could still boot it to a laptopHayoth
  • mekk1

    Does it still boot up or so? I assume its a Retina MBP, so the Hard drive is directly soldered to the Mainboard - no backup options available here if you tear it apart.

    - Maybe it's just the screen that failed - try connecting anohter display.
    - Try to connect with via thunderbolt to an unused Mac (Maybe they can help you in an Apple Store) and migrate it.

    • It's a mac pro, not a macbook pro.zarkonite
    • oh then you can disassemble the m.2 ssd and build it in another Mac Pro, boot and save work :)mekk
  • prophetone1

    Thanks a lot Kona!!

    Last night I dragged out my old Macbook, needing to get 10.6 on there as a nice, fresh install (so I can ultimately both camp it into a windows machine) and no matter what I do I get the "OSX cannot be installed on this machine message" during the install. Reset pram, formatted disk 20 times, found the original disks that came with puter even.. no dice. So this morning I'm zeroing out the disk and re-attempting. I don't got time fo dis!


    I lost years of work because of an HDD failure. Bought a Synology dual bay because one thing I'm sure is, it will happen again. Everything is on the NAS now, even Time Machine. Only problem is iPhoto/Photos because of disk formats..

    • how is it connected to your network?Gnash
    • gigabit ethernet to the iMac, everything else gets there via wifi. Can get to my files from anywhere. Doesn't need a computer on.ESKEMA
    • Are you using Raid1 (mirroring)?Gnash
    • so it doesn't need to be connected to the router to access it from other computers as well?Gnash
    • It does need to be connected to the router for Internet and shit, but you could hook it up directly from a switch if you don't need it accessible else. Raid 1.ESKEMA
    • ^cheersGnash
    • Pro tip. When one drive goes. You need to replace them all (they all have equal usage so they'll start dropping like flies, one after another)monNom
    • ^ thanks for the tip!ESKEMA
  • doesnotexist1

    why i work off dropbox

    • files are too big for me to do that effectivelyGnash
    • how big? what are you doing over there?doesnotexist
  • sofakingback1

    ^ Dropbox saved my ass a couple months ago.