MS New Outlook and Sunrise acquisitions

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    So what's everyone think about this? Personally, I think it is a brilliant move. If a company can dominate by software, then hardware becomes less relevant. Given the that almost every phone is pretty amazing these days, that seems like the next logical step.

    I'd prefer a Windows phone (I have a cheap one, $30, and is butter compared to my 4S and probably on par with my S5), but consider it is always a button to get to what you want, might not mind it if I only need a button or two (I only use about 5 apps, including mail).

    Is this the future? Is MS, for once, not only ahead in thinking but implementation?

  • 20020

    Not sure if Sunrise is worth $100 million.

    MS have always dominated with software (much like Google) - its not the future, they are just trying to catch up.

  • formed0

    Trying to catch up as far as dominating the market but I don't see anyone else doing this (Google is, to some degree, or at least started, while Apple has left software in the dust, with the exception of Beats, which I'll personally die before using).

    $100miillion looks cheap compared to the $16billion for WhatsApp, but what do I know.

    • 16b was for the community,
      100m is for the app/service
    • Right, but no one has monetized that yet, so right now it's not worth muchformed
  • ukit20

    It makes sense for them to diversify and buy up new businesses, similar to what Facebook is doing. But Windows Phone has been a failure by any measure, less than 3% of the market right now. Hard to see how they turn that around anytime soon.

  • formed0

    Right, but this approach is "software and cloud first", similar to what Google (and Facebook) is trying to do - make the software the important part, regardless of platform.

    I'd guess the ultimate strategy would be that the operating system not important (we are pretty much there - apps are the same across teh board, even on PCs the software is the same).

    I just read that there is speculation that Android might be spun off. That woudl be fantastic (as a Google shareholder). Their recent ads hint at software first and poke fun at Apple's monopolistic approach.

    Should be interesting, for the first time in a long time I like MS' approach. Windows has a long way to go, but if they can actually release a high end phone and it works well with other devices (Windows 10), then we could see some shift.

    (Obviously I am biased, I am looking fro any reason to abandon iPhones, but so far the competing hardware can't catch up - I am confident that will change, though, as everything blends together and software is what separates things)

  • ESKEMA0…

    Read that as you wish and take your own conclusions about Microsoft software.