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  • stepson

    I'm setting up a small coworking studio on Regent St Chippendale near Central Station. The space / location are great, and it's going to be really cheap.

    My goal is to only just cover rent / bills and keep the price as low as possible, hopefully attracting more talented / technically diverse freelancers who's projects could benefit from a wider skill set.

    The closest thing to what I'm thinking of (autonomous sole traders who often collaborate) would be

    fyi I'm mainly a graphic designer but do some type design / video / photography / 3D too. I pay the bills working for major youth / fashion brands but want to get serious about making more technologically / culturally engaged work that I'm actually proud of, hopefully through collaborating with people at this new space.

    Seeking expressions of interest from coders / designers / animators / vfx / 3D / sound designers.. Either post links to your work below or find my pvt email listed here.

    Thanks, and sorry for spamming..