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  • PonyBoy

    I need your help ASAP.

    I don't know where to go on such short notice... my normal developer is suddenly out of the picture and I'm stuck w/some HTML / JS / CSS garble that is beyond me. We've been working with a few JS scripts (scrollMagic, Tweenmax... jquery) that seem to get most of the job done... (I'm handling the simple animation scripts and will cut graphics as much as you need me to(although I think they're all cut)) ...I'm just stuck finishing a number of items ranging from medium-large (formatting only... fix this CSS!) for the desktop version... but I also need to create / finish a mobile version using a lot of the main site elements.

    I can't share the specifics here for obvious reasons (it's for the entertainment industry)... I have a short period of time to finish this up (I don't expect it to be much work... maybe 12-15 hours?). I really need someone to take a look and let me know what they feel time / cash would cost to complete... I'm a lil desperate! <3

    (sorry, qbn gods... I know the 'rules'... I just don't have anywhere to go in such short notice)

  • GeorgesII0

    bump because I'm too busy to help you but probably someone will :)