Crete, Greece

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  • Milan

    I'm going there in June for 10 days. Any recommendations on what to do and see, but also stay away from? I heard they grow some of the best weed in the world. ;)

    So far, I'm planning to see the following:

    Knossos Palace
    Elafonissi Beach
    Samaria Gorge
    Chania Harbour
    Vai’s Blue Flag beach
    Agios Nikolaos
    Balos Beach and Lagoon

  • _niko0

    pretty big island tons to do and see, the south side is a little less developed, check out koufonisi

  • Daithi0

    I was there a couple of years ago. Great place! I emailed a friend about it so here is what I sent, hope it's of use. Reading back I should have mentioned that I almost passed out from the heat in the Samarian Gorge, and that driving was crazy until I got the hang of it. Enjoy!


    We got the boat from Santorini to Heraklion in Crete. We stayed in the Atrion hotel which was a nice modern hotel in a very good location in the middle of town. The breakfast was great too. It was about 80 a night for our double room. The biggest attraction near Heraklion (just outside the city) is Knossos which is the site of where the mythical Minotaur used to hang out. It was fascinating and one of the highlights of the trip for us both. Those minoans knew how to live. The best food we had on the whole holiday was in Heraklion, in Parasies restaurant, which was around the corner from the hotel.

    We rented a car in Heraklion airport, and drive to Chania, which is a beautiful Venetian port town. It's 2 hours or so from Heraklion. From there we went looking for nice beaches in the car. The best one we found was Stavros beach (where Zorba the Greek was filmed)…. We also walked the Samarian Gorge, Europe’s Longest Canyon™ which is easy to get to from Chania and very beautiful indeed.

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  • Milan0

    Thank you so much guys! I appreciate it.