UK Guide to Freelance/Self Employment

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  • webazoot

    Anyone here have any tips on the above.

    Looks like I'm soon to be unemployed and this is a step I should have taken some time ago I think.

    Not so much looking for tips on clients and such more the legalities, registrations and best practice on starting up as self employed.

    I'm fine on the work, the clients and invoicing (been running someone else's business for a few years) its just that I start going through the HMRC site and there is a lot of information there but a lot of it doesn't apply.

    Appreciate any answers and/or advice.
    Any specific books anyone would recommend?

  • rascuache0

    I just started out as self employed this year, and learned heaps from visiting a business support service. It was invaluable in terms of walking me through the sort of things you're asking about.

    The service local to me is also European Union funded so it didn't cost anything. I'd definitely recommend that sort of thing, if there's something local to you. I found it much more helpful to have someone to talk through stuff with, rather than pulling stuff from the numerous books I've bought in the past.

    Feel free to chuck me an email if you wanna talk about it a bit more - happy to help out if I can :)

  • fadein110

    If you are a sole trader it is ridiculously simple. Keep a note of your income and expenses (with supporting material), get an accountant (I use an online accountant who is or do yourself if you can be bothered, hand over said figures once a year, pay tax. Sorted.

  • MrT0

    VAT. Just be aware if you turn over more than £79K they like you to register for VAT. I guess that's not a concern until you've done a year or so.…