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  • monoblanco

    Suggestions for accommodations?
    Any other travel tips?

    I will try to go to a PSG game, check the museums, and hope to find some cool book stores.

  • mg330

    Stay in Montmartre. Somewhere around the Sacre Coeur around the hill. Seriously, you'll thank me.

  • monoblanco0

    Good suggestion to get started. Thanks!
    Keep em coming!

  • mg330

    Try and rent a place there too. I think the real charm of Montmartre is feeling like you live there in an apartment. Was there for the second time last summer for part of my honeymoon. It's hard to find a hotel in that area with a fridge or other kitchen stuff, so an apartment rental is great.

    This your first time there?

    Paris is absolutely amazing. You could never get bored there. It's great to have an agenda each day, but the charm of Paris is to just wander leisurely, stop and have an espresso, watch the world go by, walk a little more, have some food, see where the day takes you.

    If you're there in peak travel season, expect multi-hour lines at the Eifel Tower or the Catacombs. I highly recommend either, but the Catacombs are amazing. Look up the history of them if you're not familiar.

    Skip the contemporary art museum that's near the Eifel Tower (other side of river) unless you're into that kind of art. I got angry there; so full of pretentious shit that barely qualifies as art.

    The Musée de l'Armée is amazing if you're into military stuff. I am, so it was lots of fun.

    You can't skip the Louvre. It's a must see. Plan on more than half a day easy.

    There's a great Dahli museum in Montmartre. So much more great work of his that you never see outside of a museum.

    I'm sure I will think of more.

    • the comtemporary art museum is "Le palais de tokyo" and it is just amazing dude. Maybe you came for a bad show...D4W33D
  • mg330

    Also... Very important:

    If you stay in Montmartre and on or around Rue Gabrielle by a locked park that has a small grocery market across the street, and you are around there in the evening and you meet an older guy with sort of long hair who tells you he's an architect, and invites you back to his house to see his sculptures and smoke hashish, don't do it. He was a great guy to talk to and very interesting, but I don't know... We just felt really sketched out to go back to someone's house, so we just went back to our apartment.

    • LoL. I will keep that in mind.
    • I'm in. What can a stoned architect do to you?MrT
    • ...that uncle Bob hasn't already.ORAZAL