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    my 2nd mix of tributes and cover versions

    Spearmint (Pavement) : This Is A Souvenir
    Johnny Marr & Billy Duffy (Morricone) : The Good The Bad & The Ugly
    The Clash (Vince Taylor) : Brand New Cadillac
    The Wedding Present (Tom Jones) : It's Not Unusual
    David Bowie (Velvet Underground) : White Light, White Heat
    Hawkwind : (Syd Barrett) : Long Gone
    Bevis Frond (The Beatles) : Hey Bulldog
    Wreckless Eric (Ian Dury) : Clevor Trever
    Frank Zappa : (Jimi Hendrix) : Purple Haze
    Dougal Reed (Fleetwood Mac) : The Chain
    The Breeders (The Beatles) : Happiness Is A Warm Gun
    Steve Adey (Radiohead) : Everything In It's Right Place
    Beck (The Flamingo's) : I Only Have Eyes For You
    Füxa (Ben E. King) : Stand By Me
    Coldcut (Cornelius) : Typewrite Lesson
    Faith No More (John Barry) : Midnight Cowboy