Web stock size restrictions

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  • kingsteven

    In these days of retina displays these seem a little restrictive (a half-width 2x square image on the last site I built is 940 x 940px), are these ever enforced?

    "on–line or electronic publications, including web pages to a maximum of 1200 x 800 pixels for image or illustration Content or to a maximum of 640x480 for video Content;"

    "On web sites, provided that no Image is displayed at a resolution greater than 800 x 600 pixels"

    "on-line, electronic, and mobile publications and mobile applications, including web pages and advertising and promotional projects, to a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels"

  • animatedgif0

    Marco.org (Creator of "The Magazine" on iOS) suggested contacting independents directly on Flickr is the best way to do this at the moment due to these moronic restrictions on regular stock.