Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

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  • PeterPancake0


    Missing a trick given the popularity of the format at the moment. All that ultra thin font and you FORGET THE GIFS? To make matters worse it seems their official answer to the shortcoming is to 'open it in internet explorer'...

    Well, best I've come up with so far is a parred down irfanview (xptheme) with image display behaviour options changed to match WPFV. Doesn't seem to handle animated gifs nearly as well as, though, and that danged squashed cat...

  • fate0

    The windows 7 version does all of that, EXCEPT animated GIFs.

    What is so hard about displaying an animated GIF? Especially when the old version had it?

  • PeterPancake

    This son-bitch did it all:

    Displayed images smaller than the window at ACTUAL SIZE

    Displayed images larger than the window TO FIT window size.

    Displayed ANIMATED GIFS.

    Had a SIMPLE full screen slideshow minus guffufle of fades, swipes and other monstrosities that are bolted on today's offerings.

    Truly missed. Does anyone have any suggestions for a Win 7 alternative?

    I can't find any ports of the XP version and yes, I've tried all the usual suspects (Bridge, IrfanView etc) but none live up to the simplicity of WPFV.