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  • designquestions

    How do you guys feel about seeing your work on Tumblr without credit?

    A piece I did a while ago was put on some popular design tumblr, and now it has 400 reblogs and likes. But there's no credit on the original post.

    I feel like I would get freelance work or something if its that popular and my name was attached.

  • monospaced0

    how do you check?

    • also, why don't you tag yourself as the designer?monospaced
    • A thing on tumblr, tells you how many notes there are. How do I do tag it?designquestions
    • I don't know shit about tumblr.monospaced
    • Either do I.designquestions
    • When you post it,
      it gives you options to keyword and redirect to your site. you can probably still go back to original post and update info
    • There's a way around having it link back to your site. A loop hole.inhaler97
  • scarabin0

    i just put my info on the image.

    problem solved

  • albums0

    I see my work on store shelves without credit all the time. I'm left to walk up to random customers saying... "Hey guess what? ... I designed that." before walking away silently.

    • All the time?designquestions
    • LOL.designquestions
    • When I'm somewhere they sell goods I've made, yeah, I always do it.albums
    • My stuff is in bed bath & beyond, dillard's, macy's, etc. ... home goods retailers and the like.albums
    • albums, you're awesome. that's all.ohhhhhsnap
    • Awesome isn't enough.albums
    • You design bedsheets and towels?designquestions
    • Do you walk away backwards while maintaining eye contact?set
    • Aye, set. And he bites his lower lip while viciously masturbating.Mr_Mxyzptlk
    • Needless to say he's no longer allowed in Babies R UsMr_Mxyzptlk
    • Please tell me you were being analogous, albums.

    • Yeah, never actually approached a stranger but my stuff is in stores... Minus Babies "R" Us of course.albums
  • utopian0

    add your website address "very small" in the bottom of each image

  • utopian0

    Like the animated gif below.

  • Miguex0

    To be honest:
    If you posted the work online, it's your own fault. So whatever your feelings are about this, there's only one person to blame and that is not the re-blogger.

    I have a tumblr account, but don't really use it much but I do similar process with pinterest and whenever I see an image, I try to find who the person behind it is, but sometimes you have no clue and you can't find any info on it (even if you are curious to find more work from that designer) so I just post the image w no credit.

    Like scarabin said, if it bothers you, start putting the info somewhere on the image, that's the best way.

    I've seen photos I took on actual printed magazines and never got credit for it, but what can you do? I gave those photos to a dj or made them public in the first place so I'm the only one to blame.

    The good thing about it being online is that if you see it you can add a comment saying you did the design, which is not possible on printed medium, so if you think about it....


  • omg0

    Copyright Suit Against Tumblr May Affect All Photo Sharing Sites…

    • The amount of user assumptions in the comments is scary.albums
  • uuuuuu0

    it might be inevitable if you post your work online but its not your fault, especially if this is a some what popular and respectable design blog. if they wanted to remain legally legitimate, if they want to retain creative legitimacy as a design publication, they MUST cite you as the creator of a work. My suggestion is to contact them and request you get a little mention for the fact that you would appreciate the exposure and that they really should be citing everybody's work anyway. If they were a large publication you could make it a legal issue. A personal blog that happens to be popular just needs a straight forward and firm heads up about what you would like and what would be the respectable thing to do.

    • attribution is necessary for their use of your work to remain 'fair use' otherwise it is technically infringementuuuuuu
    • it also is supposed to be transformative and unqiue so posting full copies is not legituuuuuu
    • *uniqueuuuuuu
    • they might not actually realize that without attribution its not properly legal so tell them so and see what their response is.uuuuuu
    • 'They must' in the internet is debatable. Anyone can set up a blog these days, if you don't make it easy to find you, it's not on them (me thinks)Miguex
    • entirely on them.Miguex
    • LEGALLY its copyright infringement. the law of the web is bullshit, not reality.uuuuuu
  • bjladams0

    i once found a bunch of my drawings on tumblr and were credited to someone else- which ultimately led back to a stock illustration site where they were trying to sell my work off - i cant imagine people were buying it though. just low-res stuff from my website.

    • The style is very expensive. And it was stolen from you.albums
  • Miguex0


    'especially if this is a some what popular and respectable design blog.'

    in this case is not, he said tumblr which is an updated version of blogger, that means ANYONE and THEIR MUMS can publish / reblog, so while I do see where you coming from with this moral stance, let's face it. This is not print, this is the internet, where you have practically no control on how information is being channeled.

    As a blogger you try to find background info, but if there is not, then you won't miss an opportunity to share the work, think about when you do mood boards at work, NO ONE CARES and everyone putting these together are designers.

    It's a different story if you are writing a piece on a specific designer or artist, but this is not the case, this is a site that is famous for re-blogs of re-blogs of re-blogs. I understand where you are coming from but lets be real here.

    And this is only an issue for the images he found on a specific page, imagine all the sites you have no idea where your work is being showcased, and maybe some other designer stole them and is getting work because he showed your portfolio on an interview, what are your realistic chances of you finding that out?

    I'm not saying is right, but that's how it goes.
    Mos people don't care who the responsible is, they just share the image. Think about those memes or funny photos you share around every single day, do you ever dedicate time to find out who the artist behind that is and give credit on an email before you send it to your coworkers?

    I mean, look on the gif animation thread, with over 16000 posts and probably 3% of those gifs have credit

    • Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't make it right or legal.albums
    • i am talking copyright not just 'how it goes'uuuuuu
    • Copyright law and Fair Use even fgor the most amateurish publications citation and attribution are fundamental. people are abusive of the law and cite ignorance or the internet for it.uuuuuu
    • albums: that's exactly what I said, it's not right, but it is what it is.Miguex
  • inteliboy0

    Please don't go putting shitty watermarks on everything. It's just the way of the internet unfortunately. Though you should be chuffed that people are digging your work no?

    Also the better blogs/tumblrs do provide credit when they can.

    • no they don't you have really mail and mail em and mail em...tank02
  • omg0

    if we had to credit everything we said out loud to its author. it would drive me fucking insane!

    " I'm Secretary of State, brought to you by Carl's Jr. "

    • 'everything we say out loud' is not a fair analogyuuuuuu
    • sure it is... communication between people is what is is.omg
    • no that's a far to vague generalization. we're talking about a specific situation involving copyrighted material.uuuuuu
    • sounds like your laws that protect your pocketbooks are more important to youomg
    • let me guess. your slave plantation is protected, and everyone is practicing their freedoms, which are breaking the law.omg
    • ...the LAW.omg
    • you're too wrapped up in your "details" to see a bigger pictureomg
  • uuuuuu0

    the culture of the internet does not respect the law, its mostly ignorant of it. there is wide spread abuse of copyright on the net as we know it and a common answer is 'no one cares' or 'this is how it goes'... when in most cases the abusive aspects could be avoided for something a lot more legitimate. all it needed was an attribution and maybe a little comment and it would be no problem and actually a benefit. Most cases I bet the person doesn't even realize this would be important, they might appreciate your concern.

    • should the culture respect the laws, or should the laws respect its culture?omg
    • culture should respect the law and seek to change it as necessary. my opinion is that the fair use aspecst of copyright law is very sound.uuuuuu
    • is very sound. there are problems with copyright law in other ways but its complicated. mostly the law is written very well.uuuuuu
    • ...well.uuuuuu
    • laws were made to be broken. otherwise every black man in america would still be a slave.omg
    • see thats the attitude. bring up Hitler next why not.uuuuuu
    • everybody thinks like they are on 4chanuuuuuu
    • nobody is being oppressed by Fair Use and Copyright laws, we'd be a lot more progressive creatively if people understood ituuuuuu
    • ...the law as it is.uuuuuu
    • haha are you fucking serious? we are oppressing ourselves as humans.omg
    • these are people talking, and discussing an image online.omg
    • which your "laws" you are suggesting that communication needs to be given credit.omg
  • ukit20

    I don't think attribution or crediting really makes a legal difference in determining whether something is "fair use" or not. It's more like the right thing to do if you are posting someone's artwork etc.

    There are alternate systems like Creative Commons license where you are free to use artwork if attribution is made. But in terms of regular copyright law, it doesn't put you on any better or worse ground legally speaking.…

    • actually "attribution" is a legal term and a major factor for determining 'fair use'. look it up, check wikipedia.uuuuuu
    • besides, when you approach for legal action, the first thing they will do is remove the image, no one wants to spend $$ on lawyer for a tumblr postMiguex
    • $$$ on lawyers because of a tumblr post, that would be redonkMiguex
    • From the link I posted:
      "Note that attribution has little to do with fair use; unlike plagiarism, copyright infringement (or non-infringement) doesn't depend on whether you give credit to the source from which you copied."
    • infringement (or non-infringement) doesn't depend on whether you give credit to the source from which you copied."ukit2
    • copied."ukit2
  • Miguex0

    well you can always try to pursue all those 400 hundred posts/ reblogs with legal action on people that appreciated your work, this is known as the metallica approach.

    turn on your fans, who needs them anyways!

  • ukit20

    ^ If you read that link, many blogs could conceivably fall under the "Criticism & Commentary" definition of fair use.

  • uuuuuu0

    the reason attribution is important in determining fair use is when considering whether or not the use of the copyrighted material is either transformative and/or added value, whether or not it is a benefit. It could be argued that the blog is context enough to create a commentary, like design of the day type of thing, but without attribution I would argue that this is in fact degrading the value by removing the original artists for all the posts. there is no benefit to posting entire works on a blog without anything added to it and so therefore not fair use.

    Ask Google and they will insist on attribution for using Google Earth if you want to cite fair use.

    • its not absolutely necessary but is definitely a factoruuuuuu
    • again a mention of who made the work adds a lot and therefore much more legit and 'fair'.uuuuuu
  • ukit20

    I think it has to be considered fair use...otherwise our ability to talk about anything would be seriously limited. Hey check out this new thing...oh wait I can't show you a picture of it that would be a copyright infringement.

    • of coarse there are reasonable exceptions but a popular design blog does not have this excuse.uuuuuu
    • I can agree w you on that uuuu but tumblr is not a popular design blog.Miguex
  • omg0

    ... meanwhile the rest of the 14-19 year olds will say whatever the fuck they want online.

  • omg0

    if you're gonna compare a multi-billion dollar money making machine to some kids fuckin' tumblr blog and cry that they didn't credit your business, you gotta be fuckin' crazy!