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  • moldero

    my buddy is asking me if its possible to mirror only 2 out of his 3 displays on his Mac Pro.
    its for his recording studio, having a mirrored display inside the recording room.

  • albums0

    Set up some displays for mirroring and others for an extended desktop
    If your computer is connected to more than two displays, you can specify that some are mirrored displays and others show the extended desktop. For example, if you have three displays, you can have two displays showing the same information and the third display showing the extended desktop.

    Set up all the displays as an extended desktop.
    Option-drag a display icon onto another display icon to mirror those two displays.


    so yes?

    • sweet thanks brotha!moldero
    • so much easier to do with Windows, I can't believe Apple makes everything so unintuitivemonospaced
    • If you have a triple head card, the process is basically the same on either platform.ETM