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  • Fuzziest0

    As much as I dislike sites like this that marginalize the industry, 99designs design brief questionnaire isn't half bad, especially for small idiot freelance clients.…

  • noneck0

    To better answer your question, there are two ways you can go.

    1. How big are your clients? Unless they're pretty small with no budget, you should be doing some pretty robust research and strategy phases before you even pick up the pencil to start sketching ideas. This type of project exceeds the kind of thing that's done with a simple questionnaire.

    2. Maybe your client is small/unambitious/cheap. If you're just looking to spurt out a logo for your clients, you don't need all of that. Your research phases will consist of getting some basic information down about the company name, and what it's business category. Then you pretty much just need to ask one question over and over until you're happy with the answer: what makes your business unique? If you get a good answer to that question (which can be tricky), you'll put yourself ahead of

    I love branding exercises. I've read everything I can get my hands on about the subject (including MBA courses on branding, which are pretty disappointing). I think that most designers go about branding all wrong, and the entire project becomes solely about the vanity of the designer or the client. Which is a shame, because these projects can have tremendous business value for the client if executed properly.

    • Hey thanks for such a detailed reply. My client is a little on the cheap side unfortunately,qTime
    • One of my previous clients branding project turned into a vanity project to show her friends how cool she was...qTime
    • They usually do.noneck
  • noneck0

    This book is (in my opinion) the definitive work on conducting a brand exercise. It has all the information you'll need.…

    • Very good, if not a little dry. But definitely a good resource.d_rek
    • It's not entertaining reading, but in my mind it's THE resource for these types of projects.noneck
    • nice one thanks for that!qTime
  • qTime

    Has anyone got any examples of questionnaires you would give to a client to help define the brief. Specifically for creating or updating a brand.