SVG or canvas?

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  • ismith

    So I'm getting back into the game a little bit and I want to utilize all that fancy web spice I have in the cupboard...

    Say I have a bunch of hi-res items and want to serve up a couple at a time at various resolutions depending on what they're being used for– canvas or SVG? It sounds like canvas is more versatile, but performance wise is it gonna bite me in the ass if I have a multi-layered CAD drawing that's been converted to one or the other? Most of the info I can find on this stuff is pretty old, so if anyone's lazy and and can link to a good summary I'll take that too.

  • ismith0

    Oh, and happy holidays m'fuckers!

  • stewdio0

    While you're deciding, take a look at Paper.js here:

    It's a canvas framework, but there's planned support for importing / exporting SVG in the future... So you might be able to have it both ways: Have your data stored as SVG so you can still edit it, etc, and just push it to canvas instantly via Paper.js. Or at least, once they roll out SVG support.

    • Looks like a good place to start, thanks.ismith