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  • Mojo

    I just launched this side-project with a friend called Remember The War. It's about Britain in WWII.

    It sounds dull when I put it like that, but in the UK we've just had remembrance day, so this was a well-timed, dodgily-executed 4-day design/build/launch project.

  • detritus0

    Impressive work, you have my appreciation!

    One thing though - your intro quotation appears to conflate the reasons for the war with an ultimate realisation from it.

    Neither Britain nor America entered the war to save Jews etc from the concentration camps - we only discovered that ghastly aspect half way through. Seems, to me at least, like a slight reframing of history, but hey.


    As for the technical side - might you add a controller to the section nav, to turn on/off the video in the second slide? Otherwise it carries on playing when you continue along the slides.


    • I wholly missed the wee down arrow on the second slide.
    • Getting back to 1934 from, say, 1939, is a bit of a pain.

  • Mojo0

    Thanks Detritus,

    I'll be honest, our intro quotation was a last-minute change, originally we were launching on 11-11-11, but it wasn't good enough for launch so we launched on 13-11-11 instead.

    That's really good feedback actually, there's so much more we could have done in the time - right now I'm dying to work on it, but I have to do some agency work to actually pay my bills. We're hoping this can become a much bigger, more interesting and dramatic history website.

    Really value the feedback, I'll add it to our big list - would you mind if I ask for your thoughts on a future iteration?

    Before this site I'd never done anything so 'interactive' - just mostly b2b sites, so I've had to learn a lot in a very small amount of time, and I agree there is a lot of UX problems, but they will be fixed as soon as a finish paying my bills :)

    Thanks again for taking the time to look at it.

    I'm hoping to get it working better on mobile/tablet and then plug some more, would be great to have more people experience it.


  • Mojo0

    Technical notes:

    -HTML5 Audio is a fucking nightmare to grapple with 7 hours before launching, what a nightmare compared to using audio in Flash!

    -Learn to use a fucking Javascript profiler - this site loads BADLY.

    -Have an idea like this more than 7 days before your launch day

    • :D

      Bloody impressive for 7 days work, I think!
  • raf0

    Nicely done!

    I don't speak German but believe it's "Panzer tanks" nor "panza tanks" — also I think German nouns always come capitalized.

    • Oh wait, you have it capitalized, only misspelt.raf
  • webazoot0

    I'm getting an error and the site hangs on loading?

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