Friday 10/28 in Denver

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  • shellie

    Still on tour -- the band and I are doing a free show at a dance party. I'll also be celebrating my 29th birthday. I've never been to Denver before outside of the airport. Whoever is free should come kick it. I'll be looking for stuff to do (probably) the earlier in the day and we'll also be there with a free day before and the day after before we have to really get moving. Be my tour guide :D

    If anyone happens to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma for halloween, I just confirmed a show there so we're headed to the bible belt after Denver.

    Fun times.

  • shellie0

    Tonight at Tooeys off Colfax! I'll be there around 11 and its free. Until then, denver I am generally inside you (staying on campus housing at Regis. Lol)