Wireless 3G in Canada

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  • nb

    Hey oh.

    I'm going to be driving across Canada for a month or two this spring. I've got the original iPhone but no data plan, and I'd like to be able to use my laptop on the road.

    Bell has a USB stick for $99 (no contract.) Seems ok, but I'm still going to paying for a connection. I like Bell because they seem to have the best coverage in the country.

    Can anyone suggest a USB data stick and provider? Or should I just use buy an iPhone4 and tether it?

    I want the cheapest solution.

  • Centigrade0

    Rogers, Bell or Telus. I think those are your only options. Cheap and mobile devices don't go hand in hand here.

    • There's Fido, also. They're technically Rogers, but it seems to me their pricing is a bit different.Continuity
    • Fido has one, too. Over $100 + data cost.nb
    • I use Fido. Not much coverage outside of cities, but the customer service is good.nb
    • Fido just uses the Rogers network outside of major cities.ETM
  • ETM0

    Telus and Bell are the same 3G Network. They built it in partnership, so either will give you the same coverage. Rogers has good coverage as well, but less in the maritimes and I think parts of Sask and Manitoba could be better covered as well.

  • ETM0

    As for cost... its apples and oranges. iPhone for will cost you more, but you'll still have an iPhone 4G. Will you make use of the USB stick for connecting after the trip?