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  • shellie

    This is totally on some artist to artist shit, but I feel like there's a few on here I wouldn't personally think to ask that would be amazing and interested in this. Here is a blanket invite to all:

    I'm working on a new music video shooting Dec 17, 18th, & 19th in LA. I don't really want to spread the concept here there and everywhere to uninterested parties so email me if you still want to know more. I can tell you I got my last (and first) music video broadcast spins with the same indie artist. Hollr if you have some free time and a skilled hand. We do have PR in place to work the video so it should be seen by a decent few. Also, feel free to spread the word if you know a friend that would be good for this.

    Right now, I'm specifically looking for:
    - A make up artist that can create believable fight scene injuries. We have a budget for materials.
    - Post mograph artists for additional blood, post treatments to footage
    - Possibly an assistant editor hand

    Our last project was this one:

    I'm also styling 6 girls, so if you know any brands with pieces for ladies feel free to put your friends forward. My last video i co-styled with karmaloop.com, but orisue, levis and adidas will probably also contribute pieces to the next one. Each of the 6 girls in the next video will be styled with a her own personal flair, so I think it would be rad to work in a handful smaller, independent designers, jewelry artists, etc.

  • akrokdesign0

    work! waz iz dat. lol.

  • moIdero0

    black chromeo.

  • akrokdesign0

    moldero said he will work for free but he needs a air ticket, round trip, food and wants to stay with the 6 styling girls. :-)