Cheap lightweight spaceframe material?

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    I've gotta make a 7'x7' wall of tesellated tetrahedrons for an installation. Each face of the structure will be covered in a rear-projection material so each edge of the structure needs to be as thin as possible but be rigid enough to keep it's shape and not flex, (it won't be subjected to high winds, it's to be displayed indoors). This supporting structure needs to be fairly rigid, but can be supported by support lines from above to take SOME of the stress.

    Seems straightforward enough, eh? However we're on a shoestring budget (ie. nothing, and some charity), so the usual nice architectural stuff is pretty much out of the window. I'm racking my brains trying to thing of stuff and the only thing that's come to mind is K'NEX with some Araldite on the clip/rod joins. Though I'm doubtful even of this, as structural integrity took a bit of a backseat (as did projector position) in favour of aesthetics during the inital design phase, and we've already crossed the rubicon on that matter so I just need to make this work.

    |_____________ Hope all that made sense...

    So with only a week or so to go, and naff all cash, I ask you this QBN: Please for the love of procrastination, preeeez halp!